Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


3. pizza! run in with who?!?

pov Policy

we get to the small pizza parlor and i see one of my favorite YouTube couple. ZALFIE! (zoe sugg and alfie deyes) i walk over to zoe and cover her eyes ''guess who?'' i say ''LACIE!'' she yells and hugs me. i look to see Alfie pouting  ''aww. someone wants a horan hug'' i say and  hug alfie ''better now'' he says '' so why are you in England?''zoe asks ''im living with niall. and harry. and zayn. and louis. and liam. and 5 seconds of summer'' i say ''wow lot of people'' Alfie says ''yea well I'll leave you two on your date. great seeing Zalfie again!'' i say and run to Luke.

lukes pov

i see Lacie running back to me looking beautiful... wait what am i saying? i can't like Niall's little sister! OH MAH GAWD SHE PROBABLY DOESN'T LIKE ME!! i was pulled out of my thoughts of the caked waitress person tapped my shoulder ''here your pizza is ready'' she tells me trying to stick her boobs out ''thanks'' i say and pull $20 (idk how pounds work im american. SORRY!)  ''your're welcome'' she says taking the money and winking at me. eww. Lacie and i walk out to my car. i hand her the pizza and get in the car. Lacie gets in and opens the box and grabs a piece of pizza ''eww that girl wrote her number on the inside of our pizza box. her name is Caitlyn'' she says and scrunches nose. cute. WHAT NO UGH I CANNOT LIKE LACIE!''Haha you should prank call her!'' i say ''OMG you are a genius!'' she says eating her slice of pizza. ''i know. when we get back do you wanna play FIFA?'' i ask her ''yea and we can watch Netflix tonight and have a movie marathon!'' lacie yells ''ok then we need to go to the store to get things for our mini fridge'' she adds ''we have a mini fridge?'' i ask pulling into Walmart. ''im sharing it with you. feel special i barely let people touch it'' she says as we walk in Walmart. ''ok we need ice cream, pop, chips ,and popcorn ,ect.'' lacie tells me ''wh-'' i start ''the stand for the mini fridge has a cupboard and i fit a microwave on the side of the fridge'' she says ''oh. we get our own microwave?'' ''yes'' we buy the food and go. i take a piece of pizza and eat it then i hear lacie laughing '' what so funny?'' i ask ''I LICKED THAT PIECE!'' she yells ''1 eww! 2i dont care''  i  say and finish the slice as i pull into the driveway when Niall texts me hey we aren't going to be home for a while take good care of my sister - nialler i read ''they won't be home for a while'' i tell her ''kk'' she says and throws the pizza box in the trash can and grabs 2/4 of the bags and so do i. we run inside and up to our room.

lacies pov

omg.... i think im starting to have feelings for Luke. he probably like me as a friend so , ugh JUST KILL ME! he better than i am!we run up to our room and i plug all of our appliances in and start popping popcorn. Luke put everything in the mini fridge and cupboard then i grab the chalkboard on the door and look for chalk. ah ha! i write Luke and Lacie room!! then put back on the door. ''ok lets get in comfier clothes'' he says and we run into our closets and i put sweat pants and a 5SOS crop top on and i take my contacts out and put my black nerd glasses on. i accent my outfit with a snap back from my clothing line that has ''I FABULOUS!'' written on it.

lukes pov

Lacie doesn't know im a fan of her videos. i put my ''I FABULOUS!'' t shirt on with sweat pants a  black beanie. i walk out of my closet to see lacie waiting for the popcorn. wow. she look so - NO LUKE YOU CANT! NO NO NO NIALL'S SISTER NO! I think while i stare at Lacie. ''yo earth to Luke! yo bro wake up from your trance!'' lacie says and pinches my cheek ''ow!'' i say and hold my cheek ''here'' lacie says and moves my hand from my cheek and goes to kiss it but i quickly turn my head so she kisses my lips

lacies pov

i go to kiss luke's  cheek because i pinched him a little to hard he quickly moves his head to kiss my lips. our lips touch and FIREWORKS!!!!! we deepen the kiss until some one opens our door...


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