Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


21. babay shower!!

Lacie's P.O.V.

Its Lydia's baby shower today and i got her THE cutest clothes EVA! ''LACIE!" i hear Luke yell from our room. ''YES LUKEY?" I yell back i just got up so i'm still in my pj's, which is sweat short shorts and one of Luke's tees. ''Somebody is looking great'' Luke says and wraps his arms around my waist from behind ''i'm in my pajamas'' i laugh moving the bacon onto a plate ''LACIE! LUKE!" i hear an Irish accent ''Hey - FOOD!!!!" my brother yells walking towards the plate i'm making ''Ni no, Luke and i haven't ate today. and we both know you ate." i say setting the plate in front of Luke who is now sitting on the island  bar stool. ''Aww!'' Niall pouts sitting next to Luke making Luke  move his plate away from Niall. ''OK i'm going to get ready for Lydia's baby shower" Ni says and runs out of door. *after eating* ''LUKEY!!!! I'M GOING TO TAKE A SHOWER!" i yell and run into our bedroom where luke is ''can i join you, It'll save water." he says. Damn, he doesn't have a shirt on and he's being sexy. IDEA! "hold that thought'' I say and run into the closet and i grab my favorite bikini its a ruffled top that has a bunch of little batman signals and the bottoms are black with a yellow lining. and Luke's trunks. i slip on the bathing suit and throw Luke's trunks at him the n i run into the bathroom. i turn the water on and put a bunch of soap in the HUGE tub we have. ''LUKE HURRY UP!" I yell standing by the tub ''I'm coming babe!" he says pulling the trunks up running in the bathroom ''woah..''  he says looking up and down my body ''yes! now lets get in! i said you can join me!" i pull him into the tub with me. after splashing around and just being goofy we get out. some how i got my hair washed.... i do not know. once i get out i dry off and get out Luke's outfit he picked and mine. Luke's wearing black skinnys with a tee that was a smiley face on it and a red flannel over it with black Vans. i am now wearing dark denim skinnys,a 5SOS tee with a black cardiganand Batman Supras. i  dry my hair then put surf hair cream stuff in it to make it look cooler and one of Luke's batman Snap backs on. i put my contacts in then my eye make up on with some chap stick. ''I'll grab the presents'' i tell Luke who is putting his shoes on. ''ok beautiful'' he says.

Hannah's pov

''Hey gorgeous'' i hear Ashton say and wrap his arms around me. ''yes my handsome fiance'' i say as i wake up more trying to turn me and my belly ''how did i get lucky enough to have a queen and soon to be princess?" he asks me ''because it was meant to be'' i say rubbing my stomach ''c'mon we have to get dressed and you need a shower. stinky, i took one last night.'' i say trying to sit up. ''but whhhhy i just wanna lay here with my girlsss'' he says in a baby voice pulling me back down next to him. i kiss him and hop out of the bed as fast as a pregnant girl can. ''No babe we have to get up and get ready.'' i say ''we have a baby shower today'' i tell him and get his outfit out and mine. (i'm not describing Ashton's outfit cuz i'm a lazy mofo and its almost 12:00 here so yea) i get dressed into a pair of black and white Aztec print leggings, a bigger plain black tee, a cardigan that's purple, and Uggs. i put light makeup on (basically lacie's but no contacts), i brush my hair and teeth then put a purple beanie to match the cardigan.(its going WAY ahead in the year and its like December in this story) ''BABE I'M READY!'' i hear Ash yell from the bathroom as i walk down the hall. ''OK PEOPLE SHOULD  BE HERE ANY SECOND!" I say we aren't having it big so its just our little family. we are going to watch some movies, go to nandos, then come back here and open presents. nothing special, just small, and simple. ''LUBEAR IS HERE!" i here Lacie yell outside the door and banging on it. i laugh and walk to the door to see Lacie and Luke standing there with at least 10 presents ''I'm cold and coming in'' Lacie says shoving the presents through the door. ''hey Luke'' i say and hug Luke because Lacie had been talking to Ash. all the rest of our family came and we watching Mean Girls ''ON THE THIRD DAY GOD CREATED THE REMINGTON RIFLE TO FIGHT OFF THE DINOSAURS... AND THE HOMOSEXUALS. AMEN!" Lacie recited we watched more movies then my stomach started to grumble ''I'm hunnngry'' i say then we go to Nandos. we eat then come back and lacie yells ''PREZZIE TIME!!!" we open up Louis and El's present first (if you didn't know Perrie and El are inthe group. Sophiam is over so Sophia is NOT nor NEVER WE BE int this story again) they got Lydia a pair of red Toms, a pair of sparkly blue Converse, and blue with little Purple hearts Vans. (i'm just gonna list the gifts and who they're from cuz like i said i'm a lazy mofo)

Liam-  a purple jumper that said Irish on the front and Aussie on the back, a sparkly black tutu (that would go great with Converse Elounor got her)

Niall- a baby 1d snap back, a baby 5SOS snap back, and baby toys                                                    

Zerrie- a baby ''Cool kids don't dance" tee, and different colored baby beanies

Micheal- a bunch of cute little baby toys and a tee that says "5SOS and 1D are my uncles. Don't mess with me."

Calum- a cardigan that says ''Cal is my favorite Aussie uncle"  and stuffed animals

Harry- baby flannels and Hipsta please jumper and different print and colored leggings

Luke and Lacie-Batman baby clothes( pjs shirts jumpers ect.) baby supras, matching supras to Lacie's neon green ones, 5SOS and 1d clothing, toys, hair things, and a LOT of other stuff like pj's dolls and my favorite a mini football (soccer ball) 

''omg thank you all we have to buy is diapers and wipes and we are good" i say ''Oh and one other thing." Lacie gets a baby blanket that's gorgeous ''its the one nan made for us.'' Nan was like a grandma but wasn't. she watched over us when our parents were busy. which was a lot. ''Thank you'' i say and hug her. now we wait for Lydia :) 


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