Oh brother!

Lacie and her cousin Hannah go to live with her over protective brother. they meet someone special.


1. im different niall

lacies pov

heyy! its lacie!! im Lacie Horan. yes the Niall Horan's little sister. im 17, i was born on Sept. 13 like Niall. we have to live with him because ''i get in to much trouble'' my mother says. all i ever did was uhh prank the whole school. haha! it was hilarious! and my partner in crime. my cousin Hannah Gerhardstein. her mum thinks the same. ugh i like Mullingar!! im finishing packing my bag. ''YO LUBEAR YOU DONE PACKING YET??'' hannah yells up at me i zip my last suitcase and straighten up my ''oh my goodness graciousonious'' shirt. then i pick my suitcases and start walking out of my room but someone blocks me. Niall.

hannahs pov

i sit in the living room waiting for lacie. oh i forgot! im Hannah! im 19 born Sept.21 1994. the reason why im living with Niall is beause i pranked my brother. he might have alot of different hair colors right now. hehe! i was brought out of my thought by knocking on the door. Niall. i open it to a huge horan hug ''missed you hannah'' he said in my hair ''missed you too, your little devil of sister is upstairs'' i said pulling out of the hug. ''haha ok wait here'' he tells me and runs upstairs.

nialls pov

im so happy lacie is going to live with me!! i ran upstairs and ran into i think was lacie. ''lacie?'' i ask ''yea, heyy nialler!'' she says and drops the bags in her hands to hug me. ''what happen ?'' i ask moving her hair around. she has changed. she has a lip piercing and purple tips on her hair. ''what? im changed Niall, the only thing i did was get purple tips, lip piercing, and changed my wardrobe.'' she says ''yea, but...'' i say realizing she is still perfect ''i know. can we go now.'' she asks ''yea, let me get your bags'' i say and pick them up ''oh  dont touch my camera and laptop bag.  thanks Nialler!'' she says and kisses my cheek and skips to a different room. ''heyy!'' she yells ''oh my i love the shirt girl!!'' yells a male voice ''Joey! its your line!!'' she yells ''i know thats why its so awesome'' he says ''well gotta go i will text you on the plane'' ''see yah sista!'' he yells then hangs up. i drag the suitcases down the stairs.'' ok lets go girls!'' i yell and we hike to the van filled with the members of 1d.

hannah pov

we climb onto a huge van to find 1d. i am dying. ''louis!!!'' lacie yelled getting into the passenger seat. ''LACIE!!!'' louis yelled and hugged her. how/? what?when? and why didnt i know?


this is Lacie's shirt.




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