It's complicated.

Allie was your average teenage girl with the desire to fit in. Every corner she turned she struggled with making friends, keeping out of trouble, and her own personal demons. She felt all alone in a world full of uncertainties and was sure she'd never figure herself out. That was, until she met Kyler. However, Kyle had personal demons of his own. With mystery, comedy and suspense, one thing was for sure. There would be an ending. Happy or not.


2. wild things.


Hannah always took the long way home from the studio. This gave us time to smoke cigarettes and have a few moments of teenage freedom.


"Cotton Eye Joe!" Hannah yelled "this is my Jam!"


We all shared a laugh through the puffs of our Marlboros and sang and danced a long.

I sat in the back seat staring out the window, watching the landscape drift by.  I grinned through hits of my cigarette as I listened to Hannah and Jess in the front row giggling about their day.  The were discussing the drama and gossip of the sophomore class.  I felt out of place.  Not only was I a junior, but I didn't really have my own clique.  Unlike Hannah and Jess who were in the popular group, I struggled to fit in anywhere.  I definitely didn't fit in in my own class.


As we pulled up to my street, I grabbed a stick of gum and sprayed myself with Eternity by Calvin Klein. 

"Jess, did you see Kyle?  The new kid?  I heard he was like on the path to pro football!"  Hannah exclaimed. 

"Dibs!"  Jess giggled. 

I shook my head.  I loved these two.  They were so sweet and fun and their friendship and love for each other was an unbreakable sister hood.  I hadn't had anything like that since second grade and I envied them. 

"Good luck girls!"  I chanted as I opened my car door.

"No luck needed!  Hannah replied, "Kyle is in my 1st period class, I think i'm going to ask him out tomorrow."

"Hah! I meant with the auditions we had tonight.  I hope you get the part you are wanting!" 

A small roar of embarrassed laughter filled the car as I stepped out. 

The girls blew me a kiss and were on their way.

Hannah screamed out her car window as she drove off,  "Allie Dallie Pudding Pie!!" 

It was our thing.


I walked into my bedroom and threw my backpack on my bed.  I changed out of my dance clothes and turned on my TV.   The news was about the only thing even remotely interesting, but I wasn't really interested in watching it, I just needed the background noise.  I concentrate better with background noise.   I lit my incense candle and plopped onto my bed.  Pulled my backpack over to me and began working on my essay for advanced english. 


I despise school work, but I love English.  I love to write.  Short stories, poetry, songs.. it was the one time when I felt completely in control.  No parents telling me what to wear, say or do.  No peers making fun of me or interrupting me or pushing me into lockers.  My essay was about bullying in the schools and the effects it had on student behavior and academic success.  This was right down my alley.   I popped in my ear buds and turned my ipod up and began writing.  Once I start writing there is little to no stopping me.  I wrote for what seemed like hours, so much my hand cramped.



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