You know how they say seeing is believing? Well let me tell you something, you know all the creatures they tell you about as a child? Yeah guess what, they're real. I see them everyday, but they aren't the pretty sparkly ones, the ones I see are hideous and mischievous I don't think you'd like to hear the story, but I'll tell you anyway just be warned it isn't gonna be pretty


1. What Is That?!?!

5 years ago:

"Alice...Alice..!ALICE!"  I wake up as I hit the floor with a thud.  "Huh, wha..."  As I look around to find what horrible creature had so pleasantly woke me up from my dreams, I stop.  ", why are you here..?"  I say only loud enough for me to hear.  "Oh Alice, didn't you know?" the creature said getting closer to me then it stops when it's right in my ear, "I never left. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" 

~5 years later(still not present)~

I can tell you that five years ago the worst part was the laugh of the creature. The creature had a laugh that could make an orc cry.  I was so scared that I didn't even realize that my mom was already holding me trying to stop my screams.  After I stopped screaming, I told my mom what I saw and heard.  Of course she didn't believe me, I mean who would believe you if you told them you saw a creature with human arms, the face of a child with deer antlers, the body and height of a of a rabbit.  No one and because I did and my mom completely ignored it. I spent weeks trying to find the creature or other creatures like it, but all I found was that the creature was called a Netherling and that there are things called Netherworlds.  Then it only got worse, I kept seeing other creatures sometimes beautiful like the ones in fairytales and others like the horrible creature I had seen years before.  All I knew was that these creatures wanted something from me and I didn't even know what it was until they started to forcefully take it from me. It didn't stop till I took pills for the "hallucinations" as my mother called them, but I had to keep getting stronger doses. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you my name is Alice Nekoyama and I can see creatures that no one else can and it practically ruined my life. 


"Well look who it is everyone.  It's Alice.  How are you doing Alice? Still trying to get away from us.  Tsk tsk, you should know better Alice.  YOU CAN'T ESCAPE US!!!"  Just ignore them Alice, you know they can't do anything besides talk and yell at you now.  The charm works only to a certain point, all you have to do is keep walking and they'll go away.  Of course that isn't the case here, but it's fine you'll-  "Watch where you're going, Alice."  As I look up I see him. Jeremy.  I know what you're thinking, is he cute? Is he popular? Does he like you?  To answer those questions in order, yes, no, and probably not.  I know you're freaking out to the second answer.  Let me tell you about Jeremy, he's a total jerk to every living thing besides maybe his motorcycle.  And yeah I know it derails from the normal book storyline.  You know the one where he's, gorgeous, popular, and doesn't like me then through some tragic, life altering situation, he suddenly has unrelenting feelings for me that he's always kept hidden.  Yeah, no that's not how this "story" is gonna be.  At least not that I know of, but I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be that way.  "Are you going to keep staring at me or are you gonna get out of the way?"  "Oh uh..yeah sorry."  I stepped aside and that only made it worse, he bumped my shoulder and I sorta kinda fell into a Netherling.  Even though I couldn't really touch it I knew I had fallen into it.  "Oh-ho Alice.  I didn't know you wanted to be with us that bad, or rather with me."  As I turn around, I fail to realize that it's wearing shoes and pants and even a shirt.  When I finally get to the face, which I always dread, I stop in my tracks.  He is utterly magnificent.  He has the brightest blue eyes that I have ever seen.  Think of it like the bluest ocean and the sky had a baby and that's what his eyes look like.  His jaw was so sharp it looked like you could cut yourself.  His hair was just something else.  He had it styled into a quiff, it wasn't a very large quiff but, it was one of the small ones which in his case fit perfectly atop his head.  "Alice, my dear.  It's impolite to stare.  Even if I am beautiful, it's still impolite."  His name what's his name, his name?!?  "Your name.  What is it?"  No that's not what I wanted to ask, why did it come out like that, forced.  "Sigh, and here I thought you would have remembered me.  Well anyway my name is Jebidiah, or Jeb as you used to call me as a child."  Why does it sound so familiar to me.  I've never even met someone named Jebidiah.  I'm about to say something when the whispers interrupt me, "Oh my God, is she talking to herself?!? Ha what a loser, she's nothing more than a freak." They all say the same thing, loser, freak, psychopath, it doesn't really phase me I've been called worse. "Follow me." I say to Jeb and he follows, doesn't even ask why just follows me with the most hottest yet annoying smirk that I'm so close to smacking off his face.  I decided on going to the janitors closet, 'cause I mean who would be in the janitors closet besides the janitor.  Once we got to the janitors closet I quickly rush inside.  "So, now that we are alone why don't you take off that silly little charm Alice.  I want to be able to touch you again."  The worst thing about what he just said was that he had the most saddest and sincerest eyes, but it was quickly replaced by that smirk.  Of course I didn't listen to my brain, so I took the charm off.  Then like lightning he stepped closer to me and just hugged me.  Yeah I know you thought he was gonna like hurt me I mean I did too, but he just straight up hugged me.  "Oh, Alice I've missed you so much.  I've always wanted to see you again and hug you and just hold you."   "Wait a second, what do you mean you've 'missed' me?  I've never even met you before."  If you think that was weird wait till you see the look on his face.  It was a mixture of anger, sadness, confusion, and maybe a hit of jealousy.  It became awkward when I just stood there arms limp at my sides.  "Uh excuse me Jeb, but I'm still not sure who you are and why you hugged me. So if you would be so kind as to tell who you are." I say uncomfortably.  He quickly let's go of me and straightens his jacket, "Well if you must know my name is Jebidiah and I am your one and only true love."  How conceited can one guy get?!? I mean come on! No one is that conceited and just why does his answer make so much sense to me.  Anyway this is just the beginning of what I thought was going to be the worst day of my life and of course there's always something to screw it up when it get's good.  I guess I'll just have to get through it at my own my pace. 

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