The Terrible Life of Dakota.

Dear Diary,
I'm sick of hiding who I am. But I can't face them. That's too hard. Maybe life's easier while you hide your face, so no one can see how different you are.
Love, Dakota.

'The Terrible Life of Dakota' is about a girl who looks different than others. Just because of that, nobody accepted her. So she left the place she lived in to find another, but the events of the past have left their scars. Literally.
This is how she lives her life now. Always hiding the part of her, that's different.

*Runner-up in the Ava Lavender Competition*


1. Arrival.

The road has a dark gray colour, which suits my black All Stars. I try to concentrate on them while I keep walking. The ends of the laces move back and forth with every step I take. It’s hypnotising, but I stay focused. I’m almost there.

The lights of a new city are like a Christmas gift. I’m at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I can settle there and start all over again. A new life. That’s what I’m looking for. I want to forget the past. I want that so bad.

But the road is long, and it’s getting dark. I hope I can still find a place to sleep in the city. I’m saying city, but it’s not that big. The lights don’t come from high building, but from little houses. It’s not even a town. When I get closer, I see it’s just a small village. Perfect. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m on my way for 5 days now, and I finally found a place where I feel safe. Well, not completely safe, but it starts to feel like that.

When I arrive at the first house of the village, I drop my bags at the front door and wait a moment before I knock on the door. I straighten my beanie and make sure my hair covers my face. I don’t want them to see it. No, not yet.

I take a deep breath and knock. After a couple of minutes of silence I knock again. Finally, someone opens the door. “Who are you?” an old man says roughly. “I don’t know you.” I try to smile, but I know I will fail. “No, you don’t. I’m a traveller and I’m looking for a place to stay the night...” I begin, but he interrupts me: “Forget it.” And he slams the door in my face.

I’m a little confused. That was nice. Did I really expect the first person I met would let me in? That everyone in this little village would be sweet and happy to help? Yeah, maybe I did. But clearly, I was wrong.

I keep trying, but no one wants to help me. There is no hotel, so I can’t stay there either. I’m getting tired because it’s been a long day and I still don’t have a place to sleep. But then I notice two small houses, just outside the village. They’re standing in front of each other, alone. In one of them, I see lights. OK, I’m only trying this one, I think to myself. I slowly walk towards the two houses. My hair waves from left to right while I’m walking, and I keep looking around if anyone can see. But there is no one.

I knock on the door. An old woman, who looks so fragile that it seems like she could fall into pieces any moment, opens the door and tries to focus on my face. She wears glasses, but I’m sure she can’t even see me wearing them. “Yes?” she asks. “Hello, madam. I’m looking for a place to sleep,” I say nicely. Well, I try to be nice. The woman still tries to see me clearly and I pull my hair, so it covers more then half my face. I don’t think she even sees it. “Walk with me, girl,” she suddenly says. She walks out the door, crosses the street and goes towards the second house. I follow her from a distance. I see she takes out an old key and opens the door. Then she gives the key to me. “You can stay here.”

After I thanked the woman, I immediately went inside. It’s more then I could ever dream of. It’s small and old, but there is everything I need. I go straight to the bedroom, I almost jump into the bed and I fall asleep. Before my mind drifts off, I think one thing.

Maybe this can be my new home.

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