The ShadowHunters

After intense years fighting demons,vampires, and other down worlders but after that Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle go to a school which allows every down worlder to go to school for the very first time and there is a new shadow hunter that will be joining Clarissa fray Jonathan Wayland, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood come in contact with a powerful Shadow hunter at The Pandemonium.


5. Chapter five: The Mortal Cup

In the years the clave has been determined to hide the mortal cup from other shadow hunters because of what valentine wanted to do unfortunately my father was in trusted with the mortal cup until he died in battle against the down worlders during the uprising i was there at the age of thirteen already a fully marked shadow hunter i was the task and that was to lure the vampires out by cutting myself so that they smell my blood and lead them straight into a trap with the rest of the circle i did not know that i was part of the circle until i met Valentine who was our leader during the raid of a Vampire nest which the battle ended miserably for the circle because my parents where killed by a werewolf which turned out to be my best friend Eric who i could not kill but unfortunately the queen of vampire's made me into a vampire but also i was bitten by my friend eric which turned me into a shadow hunter hybrid because i have mixed bloods which are: Half Angel/Human, Werewolf, Vampire,Demon, and Warlock i was sired by the queen of vampires until i turned her into what i am now so i did not know the side effects but i hope it is an exciting effect on her after 2 hours she became part of my clan and now she has pledged her self to me and now she must do what ever i say plus i am in charge of her clan. IN the years that lead up to me going to pandemonium for all down worlders and Shadow Hunters including when i convinced Isabelle's parents on letting her go to City of Dreams with me because i can protect her more than anything plus i love her after finally convincing her parents they let us travel to City of Dreams through the portal which i conjured up which took me a long time to master but i did it with precision. Then we arrived at City of Dreams and everybody was staring at me i did not know why so i just kept walking with Isabelle which seemed very interested in this city yet i feel like i have been here before i do not know what brings my memories forward yet that's when i remembered growing up here that's when i started saying everyone's name then i saw Adeline's mom that's when i said " Hi, Mrs. Kane", she stood there for a while until she saw me then she smiled and hugged me and asked "Where have you been, We have been worried sick about you, who's your friend there dearie", "This extraordinary girl here is Isabelle Lightwood and she is my girlfriend Mrs. Kane surely your daughter told you i have a girlfriend now didn't she Mrs. Kane", "Of course not my daughter keeps secrets from me dearie, Oh by the way how is she doing at pandemonium", "Well i say she is okay not great she does not study and i am afraid that she is going to fail her classes Mrs. Kane", "Ah do not worry about her but about yourself because you need to graduate with true colors at Pandemonium", after we were do talking i decided that it was getting late as i opened the portal as soon as the portal opened that's when a girl came out of nowhere and called me"daddy", i was astonished by this little girl then i saw my sister grabbed my daughter and scolded her yet she apologized to me yet i looked at her then i said " Jesy", she looked at me then i saw tears in her eyes then she hugged me and then I introduced my sister to my girlfriend that's when I finally saw my mom wearing black just like my sister that's when Isabelle, Jesy, MariaElena, and me went to my mother that's when she turned around she was so happy she literally broke down and cried that's when i realized that the Cleave told them i was dead yet i was living at Pandemonium which is a school for Down Worlders and Nephilim's yet we live in peace and harmony amongst each other once i told them everything that happened that's when i saw Izzy looking very parental towards my daughter i knew that Izzy felt very comfortable around my family that's when they explained to Isabelle what i am and why i act so human yet she understood way better then my first girlfriend which she died in a dramatic accident which we do not like discussing but Isabelle brought up the topic so we decided to tell her the tale but not in front of my daughter but then i realized she is going to have to know what happened to her mother. As i decided that we should stay the night and then go back in the morning to the Institute once it became morning that's when i opened the portal to the school plus i let Isabelle's parents know that we were coming in the morning because my parents what to get to know Isabelle for just today once we returned the Lightwoods were there happy that i remembered that my mother was alive and well including my sister and my daughter which was exciting news plus that i met Mrs. Kane who belonged to the circle when my dad and mom were in the circle during the uprising. As the years passed on by my mom never for got what Mrs. Kane did to protect me from the clave and also how Mrs. Kane made my memory disappear and reappear only when i saw her in the City of Dreams. After a couple of days passed that's when i started becoming a senior at Pandemonium that's when i decided that it was time to get serious with Isabelle because i am deeply in love with Izzy but i do not think she feels that way because i am after all part downworlders and also part Shadow Hunter in this world that exist amongst the mundanes but all the mundanes know about me because some one has taken a picture of me while i was turning into a Vampire-Hybrid.

In the years that past by Isabelle and i are finally getting engaged it has been 6 years since we have been together but i could not bring up the topic until i had the courage to bring it up and asked her about marrying me then she was so shocked then she said" Yes, i will marry you david", i was so happy that she said yes because i could not live with myself if she said no but yet we are happy amongst the mundanes plus we are going to have a shadow hunter wedding at last plus the Lightwoods are very thrilled that Isabelle and i are getting hitched because we have been together for six years and it is amazing.

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