In a matter of seconds

It's the end of the world for man kind as we know it.
I must get to safety with my children. But the only thing is. No where is safe anymore.
Then goes the bomb...


1. Time

I was on the way to work, when my life changed completely. I had my day set out perfectly, as if I had nothing else better to do. I was allowed to pick up my daughter and son 

New York had been a busy place. Taxi's and ordinary cars were jammed in small roads, there had been zebra crossings every twelve inches away from each other. A variety of buildings all squished up together in numerous shapes and sizes. Business men in black suits every where and citizens. Bodies shoved passed each other as if they were in a hurry- but I had just been taking my time, admiring the view of New York city. I clutched my phone tightly, along with my black brief case in the other hand.

My phone had been flashing 'No signal,' numerous times almost like if it was a self distrust message.  

I heard a high-pitched woman's scream from behind, that soon trailed off into an painful cry. 

I spun around immediately, dropping my black brief case in the process. 

The empire state building had collapsed slowly in an awkward heap. I had been so busy, and I hadn't even bothered thinking about the crash noise it had made. I honestly thought, it was builders doing god knows what in building sites. One by one, the other buildings crashed against each other like domino's. Everyone had been screaming, panicking- struggling to get out of cars as if it had been the end of the world. 

Only, they weren't running from the serious damage from the buildings. 

It was something more frightening. 

Even I didn't think would exist in the world- was fascinating, unbelievable, and terrifying at the same. 

They were running from something more frightening. 

A U.F.O, an unidentified, flying space object. It was flying slowly, and it was a silver oval shaped what seemed like a mother ship. It had four robotic tentacles, and at the end had been a metal, wired claw- and they were all identical. 

There had seemed to be an open air vent scattered in odd places, with black shadowy tall slim figures pouncing out of the openings, landing on people. I watched the unknown creature rip the persons stomach out in a matter of seconds- and pouncing to the other body in a blink of an eye. I stumbled to the ground as a citizen shoved passed me, knocking me out of shock. 

    'Crap...' I whispered, groaning in agony as pain consumed my body, stinging it wickedly in the process- I completely ignored my brief case, and darted towards the school. 

Hoping my kids are safe. 

 I noticed police forces, armies and the whole entire fire department was gathering like crows in a flock. 

     'In a matter of minutes a bomb will go off, evacuate to safety!' The head of the police force demanded, shouting through a cordless microphone. 

I ignored it, still running towards the entrance of the secondary school. I noticed my daughter and son cradling each other underneath a small gap, sobbing and shaking in fear. 

I couldn't reach them in time. I stumbled over across a metal stump.

Then went of the bomb. 





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