For the Worlds Apart competition


1. ONE

Angels and demons have always been at war with each other ever since the world was created. Even though we occupy the same world, the humans never came to know of our existence. We can’t blame them as well because, unless we want them to see us, otherwise it would be impossible. My Father is a demon, advisor to the demon king and my mother, an angel, the overseer that prevents any angels and demons from communicating with each other which is ironic really. Both of them hold high positions in their own rulings, perhaps that is the reason why they were never suspected in any way. They have loved each other and still do ever since the first time they laid eyes upon each other during the first struggle between the angels and the demons. However, it has never been easy and to make matters worse for them, I was born. Neither angel nor demon. The first of my kind. They named me Amity, in hopes of bringing an end to the feud between our two kinds. That is my destiny.


I now lived amongst the humans for concealment against both the angels and the demons. If any one side found out about us, the struggle would most likely escalate, bringing destruction to the entire world and an end to the human race. The funny thing about this is that although the humans can’t kill us and we can kill them easily, we, both angels and demons, need them to survive. Without them, our existence will perish as well. After much training, with the help from my parents, I was finally able to control both the angelic and the demonic powers that reside within me. I was ready, ready to face my destiny. It has taken me years, probably even decades to master them, fortunately for us, we stop growing old once we reach a certain age and I was finally ready.


After a long consideration, the demon king and the angel queen finally agrees to meet to settle the conflict that has been ongoing between the two races for centuries, no that’s not right, for millenniums. The meet is to happen at some rural and long-abandoned area so that no humans would be able to witness this. We had to come separately so as not to draw any attention to ourselves. My parents were able to conceal me from both the angels and the demons after numerous attempts as I wait patiently for the time when I have to reveal myself to everyone and convince them that we can live together in peace and harmony. The turnout was surprising with the angels on one side and the demons on the other, throwing jeers and insults amongst them. The differences between the angels and demons were too great and I was slowly beginning to lose hope as well but I still remained where I have been ever since the start of the negotiations, listening to every word they exchanged with each other.


“This discussion is over. We will never co-exist well with these...demons.” The angel queen’s advisor, Arwen, says as she stands up to leave. A table and several chairs for both sides had been prepared for this occasion.


“Before anyone has anything else to say, I have something I want everyone to see but before I can do that, I must warned you not to get aggressive when you do see it.” My father, Barthos, declared aloud. “Alright Amity, you may show yourself now.” He continues after a slight pause. I was never the type to stand out so all this was rather nerve-wrecking to me with nervousness wearing me down. When I finally revealed myself after much hesitation, shouts of insults from both sides instantly grew wild. I ran to my father, hugging him.


“This discussion is not over. Sit down!” the queen, Delphani, commands her. Arwen returns to her seat, obeying the queen. “Well then, this makes everything different. Who is the bearer of this child?” the queen inquires.


“I am.” My mother, Jodinia, says as she steps out from amongst the angels to join us where we stood in front of them. Everyone around her, looked at her in shock and disbelief, for she had been the most loyal angel to the queen.


“I will deal with you later.” Delphani tells her. Whatever it is, it probably won’t be good, I predicted.


“But, don’t you see? Angels and demons can co-exist together and we are the living proof of it.” Jodinia tries to reason with her.


“That is quite enough out of you.” Delphani says, silencing her.


“Perhaps our feud has gone on for way too long. What would you say to a truce?” The demon king, Lysender, questions as he remains seated in a rather relaxed position on the chair.


“Fine then but if we are to exist together peacefully, you must live by our rules. Those are the terms.” Delphani declares.


“If that were to be the case, you too, will have to live by our rules.” Lysender negotiates.


After that, they went through each other’s rules, making sure that it would be fair to both parties. The negotiations was a success however, whenever something good happens, something bad is bound to happen as well. Right after the negotiations were complete, Delphani turns to Jodinia.


“As you have broken our most sacred rule, you are no longer one of us. You will be stripped of your wings and will remain a human until you die.” The queen tells her, studying her expression before she continues. “I now offer you a choice. Your other option is to kill the demon you have mated with and any child that you may have conceive while you were with him, in this case, Amity.” Delphani says.


“I shall have my wings stripped then.” Jodinia answers confidently.


“Do know that when you become human, you will lose all memories and any knowledge which you have about our two races. You will no longer be able to stay with them as Barthos, being a demon, he will feed off from you sooner or later. The ideal choice here, of course, would be to eliminate the both of them.” Delphani advises her. “You have one day to consider your options, after which I will return for your answer.” She says and disappears with the rest of the angels. As soon as they were gone, Jodinia drop to her knees, shaking.


“It’s all right, Jo. We’ll get through this.” Barthos reassures her, hugging both of us.


“No, Barthos. This is different.” Jodinia says, breaking into tears. We didn’t know how long we sat there, hugging. If only things didn’t turn out this way. If only there was a way to save both of them but what way is there? Perhaps there is one after all, I thought. I opened my eyes to see that we were still hugging each other. Slowly, I lifted my father’s arm. Lowering my head under his arm, I shifted myself out of that position before placing his arm back around my mother. I crept away slowly careful not to wake them. Once I am far enough, I pictured the queen in my mind. The image slowly focuses itself and then she’s right in front of me.


“What.. How..” Delphani looks around in confusion before her eyes comes fixated onto me. “You’re strong, I admit, seeing that you were able to summon me. What do you want?” Delphani demands.


“I will take my mother’s place. They have been through too much, not to be together.” I answered her. Little did I know that the decision which I make now would affect my future greatly.


“So be it.” Delphani says.


“But on one condition. No harm shall come to them and you and your angels will no longer go after my mother or my father.” I tell her forcefully.


“That’s fine with me but I can’t promise you the demons will do the same.” The queen says. “If that is all, we will begin the process now.” As soon as she finishes and before I could say anything else, my back, where my wings were contained, started to bring unbearable pain to me. I screamed and kicked around as the pain continues to intensify and spread to the rest of my body. I think my parents came running but my eyes were shut so I wasn’t sure.


I wasn’t sure when I had passed out but it was the pain from my back that brought me back to the living. I open my eyes slightly, taking a peek. I was still at the rural and long-abandoned area where the demon king and the angel queen had met up. I realised then, that I could still remember the events which took place here. My memory was somehow able to remain intact. In the distance, I could see three figures. Their colours switching between white and black constantly. What are those? My parents never told me anything about these before. I remained there, lying down with my face to the ground, observing the three figures as they continue to dance with each other. Suddenly, all three of them stop dancing all at once, walking towards me. Their figure remains strange to me. As they approach me, one of them pulled me up into a standstill position. It felt familiar to me but I remain still like a lifeless doll, unable to feel any part of my body other than the pain that is coming from my back. The figures seem to be talking to me but all I hear are murmurs, unable to make out what they were saying. The figures slowly shifts out of focus and I passed out again.

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