Who Is She?

If only I could ask Satan to burn you thousand hotter in hell. I thought as I glared at him. Amanda is an ordinary girl who fell in love in a boy. One day she caught a glimpse of a silhouette of her guy kissing a unknown girl who later she spied and stalked despite Amanda's pledge of getting over with things. What follows is greater than the so-called dumping of a boyfriend.


1. ONE

      If only I could ask Satan to burn you thousand hotter in hell. I thought as I glared at him.

      I hate him and I just can’t explain how much my nerves shake whenever I get a stupid glimpse from him. Riley is no more but a stranger for me; not even an ex boyfriend. Ew, I just loathe him so much that I terribly want to forget him and permanently delete everything about him in my life; his blue twinkling eyes that never failed to melt me, his messy-not-so-messy brunette hair that I loved running my fingers on, his ears that I loved to tickle with my hair, his chest that was shaped perfectly for my head, his hands so big that I once believed was specially molded for me, his lips I couldn't resist to kiss even when I’m deeply falling into a pit darkness when he replaced me with that slut. Ugh, and everything.

      Riley was my boyfriend. Last week I caught him kissing a girl at the corridor on a party held in my crib. I used to be crazy over him and now I still crazily hate him that much, that much that I want to stab him over and over again. And I did, but unfortunately in my reveries alone. 

     I brushed my forehead with my fist before the sweat lingers longer. The heat made things get a little heavier and dragging. Hurriedly, I crossed the soccer field and straight to the Administration hall. Who says scouting is never fun? I started spying on Riley and eyed every girl he talks, hoping to catch him with that girl. She’s sexy I bet; her hips were broad while her butt was big so as her breasts. Her hair was long and curly, too. Though, didn’t get the chance to have a clear view I feel grateful to have clues to start on.

     I so damn love you, mystery slut. I furrowed and I cursed under my breath as my feet brought me closer to the doorway of my destination.

     This was the eighth day of my stalking but unfortunately I haven’t accessed any personal information from her. However, often I found her sitting in a corner of the library alone, no one was with her, nor anyone talk to her; none that I know of so far.

     “Miss Libera, who is that girl who is always at the corner of the Atlas section?” I once asked a librarian.

     “I don’t understand my dear,” She replied and added, “If ever you are right, I’ll find time to talk to her, no standby is allowed to stay in corners and instead in the areas provided and I guess everyone knows that. And, I haven’t seen anyone disregarding the rules.”

     Things could be a lot easier if Kristina is around to help me out with sleuthing. She is my best friend and the only one. A project had kept her from being free and away from socializing and even her appetite for shopping was all gone. That project must be very important that I decided to give her time for herself.

     “How are you doing? Mind helping me with my matters?” I phonedher one day. “It’s just that I think I’m about to find her-“

     “Sorry, I’ve gotta go,” Kristina trailed me off and wasn't cordial this time. “Seriously, I mean,” she paused for a few seconds and continued, “you can’t just let,” another stop again with heavy breathing, “your life,” she was gone again and I heard giggles behind the phone “life… I mean you life be affected by Riley. That’s not worth it.” At last she finished a sentence. 

      “Ohh?” I said, sounding annoyed. 

      “Gotta go. Take care.”

      "What -" Just that easy, the connection was gone

      Wait, did I just hear someone moaning? I questioned myself. 

      I rolled my eyes and strolled the hallways when I suddenly saw her, the girl


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