''The Owlet''

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  • Published: 19 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2014
  • Status: Complete
It is a story about a girl that is not like the others.


1. excellent

It is known that owlets do not let any bird near to them, even those of their own kind. Like them, Tara who already turned into a beautiful teenage girl, doesn't let not only strangers near her, but also people she knows, neighbour kids and sometimes her parents. Throughout her life she was little ''strange''. That's what the others said. Tara's parents agreed with that. Some even thought she is a total freak and looked her weird. Like Tara is an alien. But the girl doesn't care much of people's opinion about her. On the contrary, Tara was proud that she is not like everybody else. Her taste for things was always different not because she does that on purpose, but because the teenager wanted to be as much as possible original and hates when someone copies her. In distinction to the other girls she knows, Tara enjoys not shopping or going to the movies but reading. It was her big passion. Actually , she was too clever and grown for her classmates. Her mind was like a razor-blade and in a way this fact stressed the people around her. That's why they avoided her. To all people that knew for the existence of the girl, Tara remained for them pretentious and haughty. But her actions and behaviour spoke differently. Tara takes care selflessly for her two kittens and helps do the housework. Tara is responsible young girl that deserves the very best in life but other didn't understand her truly. She didn't want to reveal her real self to people who won't appreciate it. Apparently she was smart and complicated for the others. Like a whole new universe. Like an owlet that makes her nest alone.

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