Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


28. Chapter 26

Samantha's POV

"Who the hell are you?" Niall said pist. I held his hand tight. 
"Aidan. Samantha can we talk?" 
"No you can't talk to her, but you can leave before I kick your ass." Niall sassed at him. 
"Niall." I said warning him. 
"You can't tell me what to do 'mom' " Aidan said stepping into the room. 
"Get out." Niall said letting go of my hand and taking a step closer to him. 
"Make me." Aidan said 
"You get one more chance, or my hand will be around your neck choking your little throat." Niall said heating him up. 
"Samantha please listen." Aidan begged. 
Niall didn't wait a second. He slapped Aidan across the face scratching his eye. Instinctively, Aidan hit Niall back, but he ducked. They were both on the ground and I was screaming telling them to stop,when everyone walked in. 
"Umm...?" Zayn asked 
"Please help!" I pleaded. Liam and Zayn grabbed niall and pulled him off of Aidan. Harry held back Aidan. 
"Samnatha, I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of this to happen. I still love you. Just please give me a other chance." He said panting. I shook my head. 
"I already gave you chance, and you messed it up." I said closing the door on his face. Seconds later I got a text from him saying:
Fine, but don't forget me.

I blocked his number and threw my phone against the wall. 
"Samantha" Niall said. I walked over to him and cried into arms. 
"Oh my God. Your still bleeding!" I said running over to the freezer and grabbing out an ice pack. I placed it over his arm. It was really red, but the blood flow was decreasing. Thank God. 
"Niall, I'm sorry this happened. It shouldn't have." I said staring into his beautiful blue eyes. 
"And he shouldn't have kissed you." He said rubbing my back. 

After I settled down from all the drama, we all decided the best thing to do was to get some dinner and then have a quiet night. 

Clara's POV
I got changed into one of my new dresses. It had black polka dots and a blue background. I also put on a black leather jacket. The weather was starting to cool down considering that it was late October, so I wanted to dress warm. I curled the tips of hair and put on light make up. 
"Love, are you ready to go?" Harry said walking in to the bathroom. 
"Yeah. Are you?" 
"Just gotta pee, then I'm ready." He pulled down his pants and his boxers and peed. I had a perfect view. I went over to him and pinched his adorable ass. 
"Woahh." He said leaning forward surprised. I smiled and waddled out of the bathroom. Harry then came up to me from behind and gave me a hug. He swayed me back and forth rubbing my stomach. It was like an overgrown watermelon. 
"I can't wait until you come into the world." Harry said talking to the baby through my stomach. I felt it kick. 
"Harry, touch here." I said placing his hands on the spot where it kicked. The baby kept kicking. 5 month babies have legs I guess. Harry smiled and kissed my stomach.
"You're gonna need another appointment. We were supposed to get one 4 months ago." He said
"Yeah, oh well. I'm gonna need a new doctor now that we're in Holmes Chapel." He nodded. 
"I'll find one for you." He said walking with me out the door and into the room where everyone was. 
"We're gonna get burgers right?" Niall asked loudly
"Whatever you want" Samantha said and gave him a long kiss. I gagged and made disgusted sounds. Samantha stuck her tongue out at me causing me to laugh. 
"Let's go." Jessica said.
We all walked out together down the streets. The paps weren't good at hiding. Their flashed of cameras were blinding us. We were relieved to get into the restaurant and sit down at a table. 
"Hey guys my name is Adriana. I'll be your server today. If you need anything just ask. Can I start you guys off with some drinks?" She was short. Red hair. Brown eyes. Very polite.
"Water would be nice." I said as she handed me a menu. Everyone else ordered. There were so many things on the menu. After hard decisions, I finally settled on a cheeseburger BLT. It was delicious. 
"So, someone has a birthday coming up!" Katey said. Just great. Another year of getting old. I didn't want the boys to find out because they would make a big deal out of it, but I didn't want them to. My birthday isn't anything special. I buried my face in my hands embarrassed. 
"C'mon Clara." Jessica said. 
"No. I don't want it to be my birthday. It means I'm getting old." 
"You won't feel old when we through you a fucking awesome party." Harry said. 
"NO PARTY! I can't party, I'm pregnant." I said as an excuse. 
"Ya, ya. Whatever. You're still getting a party." Liam said. I rolled my eyes. We were finished eating and wanted to go back.
"I don't wanna leave you guys! Can you guys stay with me and Harry so we can all be together?" I begged. I looked mental.
"Only cuz we love you." Samantha said. 
We all packed up and drove to Harry's house. It was getting late, and it was a long drive, so I slept in the car with Harry. Zayn was driving. 

««Next Morning»»
I woke up in my bed with Harry. I traced patterns into his shirtless skin outlining his tattoos. I wanted one. 
"Harry" I said kissing him. 
"Morning love." He said. His green eyes fluttering open. 
"Where did you get all of your tattoos?" I asked 
"At a place down the street. Why?" He responded. 
"I want one." I said.
"Okay, then let's go." He said getting out of the bed. I quickly changed into some sweats and made it down stairs. The tv was on. I was the main story on E! News. 
"Harry, come!" I said. He literally ran down the stairs and tripped. 
"I didn't mean fall." I said. He laughed. 
"I'm on the tv." I pointed out.
"Last night, Harry Styles and his girlfriend, Clara were spotted with the rest of their friends at a restaurant in Holmes Chapel. Clara was looking different. I don't know if it's just the camera, but she looks like she is pregnant. Other sources say that they were both spotted in Miami a few months ago coming out of a pregnancy hospital." The reporter said. Pictures of me and Harry were appearing on the screen. 
"I think we should make it official." I said grabbing out my phone. I logged onto Twitter and so did Harry. We sent out identical tweets saying:
'Lots of rumors going around that there is a baby. It's true. Don't hate on us. We both agreed on having it. If you have questions about the baby just ask. We will only answer If they're appropriate'
We each got tons of retweets and favorites, but decided to answer the questions later. I turned off my phone. 
"So the tattoos?" I asked 
"Oh yeah, let's go." Harry said grabbing a jacket. He drove a few blocks down the street and we got out of the car. The tattoo place was called Inkies. It was a small place, but comfortable. 
"Hello, would you both be liking a tattoo today?" A man said with a letter voice behind the counter. I looked at Harry. 
"Matching tattoo?" He said. I nodded. We agreed on a tattoo on our wrist that said 'Always' in cursive. I also picked out a cross and one that said 'you only live once' in block letter. 
"Sit down right here." The man said. He was  demanding. We both sat down on the sofa as he got needles. 
"It will hurt only a little. I can hold your hand if you want" Harry said. I nodded. He took my hand as the guy came back. He sanitized my wrist and stuck the needle in. It stung. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though. Just like a little pinch. Five minutes later the first one was done. I was bleeding but once it stopped the guy moved on to my next one. The cross one I put in between my fourth a pinkie finger. The 'you only live once' on my hip. I was pleased with the tattoos. Fuck it. I loved them and I'm glad I did it. Harry payed and we walked out. 
"You were brave." He said looking at my tattoos. 
"What you expected me to cry?" I said
"Yeah. I cried my first time." I laughed. 
"Hey!" He said. 
"Sorry." I said as we got into the car. Harry put his hand in mine and started the car. 
"I love you." 
"I love you too." I said back giving him a long, passionate kiss. 

~~~Authors Note~~~
Long Chapter. How you people doing? Thanks for reading. If you have any questions just ask! What gender to want the baby. If I don't get 5 votes on it then I'm gonna make it be a surprise baby and you're not gonna find out til the birth! Haha I'm so evil. :)) double chin. Ummm, so yeah! Comment, like, and favorite.! THANKS FOR READING! Ily!

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