Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


1. Adoption

The one direction concert was the best I have ever been to. So much noise and dedicated fans. I loved it. 

-----1 hour later------

Me: Mom where are you?

It is 12 at night and the concert ended an hour ago. My mom was supposed to pick me up 45 minutes ago. Where is she. She hasn't responded to my texts or phone calls. I was in the middle of calling her again when I heard footsteps coming in my direction. 

"Love what are you still doing here?" 

The one and only Harry Styles had just spoken to me. What do I say?!?!?!

"Umm... well my mom was supposed to pick me up from the concert about an hour ago and she hasn't shown up yet." I replied stuttering. 

"Why don't you come inside and wait for your mum. I ts cold out here."

He grabbed my hand and led me back into the staples center, but he took me into a quiet room with 4 other boys .... the world's best 5 boys were sitting in the same room as me. 

"Harry, how many times do we have to tell you. No picking up girls off the street. Especially pretty ones, they are MINE!!" Louis stated giving me flirty eyes.

"I wasn't 'picking her up' Her mom hasn't gotten her from the concert yet." Harry replied blushing.

"Well umm... -

"Clara" I answered 

"Well, Clara, would you like us to drop you off at your house, so you don't have to wait for mom for any longer?" Asked Liam. Sweet liam 

"That'd be wonderful actually. I'm starting to get worried." I responded politely 

"There is nothing to worry about sharing  probably just fell asleep at home and forgot to pick you up. You can ride in our Lamborghini out front with all of us. We have to drive to the hotel anyway." Niall said 

We all walked out together and got into the car for the way home. I gave Zayn my address as he entered it I to the GPS. (He was driving) The car way to my house was FUN!! I told them that I love  soccer, and knew more things about it than anyone else in the world. Instead of arguing back and forth with me they just dealt with it. I also told them my fav color is red and I love eating anything edible. Niall and me fist bumbed cuz I mean who doesn't know that Niall LOVES to eat.

We arrived at my house  and there were cop cars and ambulances covering my street. The boys walked me up to my house to make sure that I got there safely, when we realized that the cops were in MY house. 

"Excuse me. No neighbors are allowed  here." A fat cop said sternly.

"I live here. I can come in my house whenever I want. Why are you guys here?"

"Wait, your Clara?"


"We need to show you something."

I stepped into my two story house and the boys followed. My heart stopped. Laying right in front of me was my mother and brother's dead bodies covered in blood. I started cussing and crying. I wanted to be with them, no matter at what cost. I was this close to tearing my head off when Harry pulled me back. We stared into each other's eyes for ages. His green eyes were like nothing I had seen before. They were mesmerising.

"I-I'm sorry."he finally said. 

I just wrapped my arms around him and cried into his neck as we hugged for what seemed like forever.

The cops took away my family's bodies and cleaned up my house for me. The policemen all gave me sympathetic looks and I smiled and back at them.

Once all the cops were all gone, it wad just me and the boys.

"Do you want us to stay here with you?" Harry asked. It seemed like I had been best friends with him since I was little. We could talk to each easily and we only met not even an hour ago.

"Please." Was all I could say back. 

I gave the boys a tour around my house and they all fell in love. Liam called the hotel and their manager and told them that they would be sleeping at my house.

"You have  a sick house." Zayn said.

I laughed knowing that his house was way better than mine and that he just said that to try and make me feel better. 

We all got comfy and I let them wear my dad's old clothes that I kept even after he died 7 years ago. I turned on the tv and High school musical as on. We all looked at each other and broke into laughter, but we watched the movie until the end. I sat next to Harry and he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me close to him. I didn't mind because I really needed to have people there for me right now.

"So.... where are you going to live now that... well you know. Do you have any family around?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well my mom and my brother were really the only family I had left. My mom was an only child, so I have no aunts and uncles. Why?" 

"Well... I know this is a lot to say, and everyone would have to agree, but maybe would you like to go on tour with us and finish the tour up with us until you figure things out?" Harry said nervously.

A big smile spread across my face. And I nodded. I was going on tour with One Direction.

Dumb and dumber started and I fell asleep halfway through the movie. Sleeping on the couch with Harry's arms wrapped around my waist and the rest of the band on the bed in the living room, I felt safe.


******************Authors Note***********

​ hi guys. Thx for reading. This was basically the fill I'm chapter, and the good stuff will start to come in once you get to know Clara. I promise there will be some love going on, if you know what I am saying. Lol :p make sure to comment and suggest ideas and I will try and put them into the next chapter.


With love,



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