Fearless (au payne)

I used to think
that love & fear
were not even close to the same thing.
but now, being with you,
I understand that they can be similar.
The fear that keeps us from loving
is also the glue that keeps our love together.
I'm afraid of our future
I love how we are

I'm in love with the ecstasy of fear


Not every 19 years olds live their dream; going to college, meeting somebody special, marrying the one, & starting a family. For those who don't live that kind of life, live in a dark & harsh world. Where there's no one to trust or love. And to live in fear. But there is those who learn to fight fear.


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4- Hello Again


"Is your brother single?"

I look at June while she was undressing my brother in her eyes. She thinks that Dean has a "thing" for her, but I know my brother -he doesn't date. June is my coworker & is probably the only friend I have. She's really pretty I admit. She has the perfect skin tone, ginger short hair with a pinch of brown in it. June is a great person, she just a jolly person. I can't see her ever piss off or even mad at someone.

"Yeah he is, but he doesn't date" I hated that I had to tell her that she had no chance of dating Dean. Josh is more of her type & I honestly think that they'll look cute as a couple.

"Aw, curse that bastard for being so damn hot " I laughed at her joke.

I went back to making drinks for costumers & June went back to ordering drinks. I worked as bartender & a waitress. June & I switch our shifts every week. I'v been working for 3 weeks now. And a month since I met Liam. I honestly disappointed that I never see him again at the laundry mat. Ever since that night, I began to go at night to see him, but he never showed up. So, i gave up going to the laundry mat at night, knowing it was too good to be true.

Another shocking thing, turns out the owner of this bar is also Ian's twin. Surprising, they don't look alike. His brother name is James & he's like a Josh & Ian combine together. he looks are more sharper with his dark black hair & the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.

"Hey after work, I'm going out to some new club in downtown with my friends & I was wondering if you want to come. " she asked me as she served the man's drink to him.

"Oh, I can't. I'm still kind of fixing the house up a bit" I kind of lied.

Dean will lose his mind if he knew I was out in a club. He would differently block the outside world from me. My other reason is will I'm not really I club type girl. I had plenty of bad experiences in clubs in Chicago. Also, lately I've been getting a weird feeling that' someone has been watching me this past week.

"Oh okay. Maybe next "


• • •


I thanked the taxi driver & went up to my apartment door. I walked in the apartment & called out my brothers' names.

"Sam! Dean!"

No one answered. They must be out doing they're businesses or whatever they do.

I then heard my stomach growl. Man, I'm starving. I walk to the kitchen & open the fridge to find nothing but beer bottles, cheese, grapes, & some left overs. Jesh, I need to go grocery shopping. I close the fridge's door & notice a note on the fridge. It said, 

Out. Won't be home till late. There's some left overs from yesterday. Ian will come by later to check up on you & is staying the night. Also, can you go to the liquid store to buy milk. - Dean 

Ugh, I guess I have to make a trip to the liquor store, & but some milk. I should buy myself some snacks since there's practically nothing to eat here. I grab my leather jacket, keys & headed out towards the door.


"£3.75 please"

I hand the man the money & sighed. Can this man please hurry up. This place is giving me the creeps. Out of all the days & hours I'm free, he wanted me to go out to get milk on a Friday's night.

The man hand me back my cash & I grab the bags. I thanked him & left the store. Man, it got colder less than three minutes. 

I begin to walk back to the apartment & notice two guys left the same liquor store that I came out of. I begin to walk a little faster to see if they were falling me. And they weren't. I sigh in relief seeing them walk towards a car, parked on the other side of the street. Then suddenly I felt being pull & hands on my mouth & waist. It took me a second to realize what's happening. I'm getting drag into an alley & most likely get rape. I tried to fight back but this guy was really strong- like really strong.

"Be quite or else you'll get us killed"

That voice. I know who's voice that belongs too.

I obey & relax a bit. He had us against the wall. He has me facing the other wall, while he has his back to the other wall. We waited in silence for a long time until we saw these two men stopping 6 feet away from us. They can't see us because we're standing in the dark part of the alley. Almost like how Batman hides in the dark. 

"We lost her" one said.

"I saw her walk this way though" the other said. 

"Well you better get your eyes check because she's not here dumbass".

"Whatever, come on let's keep looking"

They both walk away & once it was clear my kidnapper let go of me.

"What the hell man!" I yelled once I was free. 

"Well hello to you too. I didn't excepted you could be. . . aggressive & strong I must admit." he grinned.

"Well I didn't excepted that guy who I met at the laundry mat was stalking me & literally scare the shit out of me thinking I was being kidnap." I spit back.

"You got an attitude" he chuckled, "I like this side of you". 

We're getting out of subject. I really want tot know how & why he knew I was being stalked. And why was he following me. Something was up & I knew it had to do with my brothers.

"How did you know I was being followed? Why were you following me? Were those guys actually looking for me? Why?" I blurted out.

"Whoa, calm down Emma. Save all those questions for your brothers," he put his hands on my shoulders " they'll explain everything".

I knew it had to deal with my brothers. It always had to deal with my brothers. Wait- my brothers! Liam knows about them. . . & me. Gosh, how could I not had seen this coming.

We begin to walk back to the apartment, where my brothers wait for me. They better be prepared for a hell of yelling & questions from me. I think about what happen earlier. Liam practically saved me. 

And he remembered my name.

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