Aggressive love (Harry L.S)

Aggressive Love (Harry L.S)


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Hannah get down here now!" Harry screamed from downstairs. "I'm coming." I yelled back. "What the Heck is this!?" Harry asked pulling a magazine picture of me and my best friend Luke up. "He's just my friend I promise! See Camille is right there! Laughing with him! Nothing is going on I swear." I said "Stop lying to me!" He screamed and with that he smacked me on the face. Then punched me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain and he just walked away. "Oh and one more thing. I am having Cara come down! When she knocks let her in. And don't bother us tonight. She is the only one that will pleasure me because your to much of a baby to do it with me!" He said walking upstairs. Oh great Cara is the biggest slut ever! *DING DONG* "speak of the devil" I whispered to myself. I opened the door to see Cara in a mini skirt with about 100 pounds of makeup on her face. "Don't bother us again! I will make him my boyfriend and let him throw you out into the streets. You WILL not get in my way. Got it." She snapped "no promises." I said walking away. "Hannah what did I say about bothering us?!" Harry screamed throwing his empty beer bottle at me. *ding dong* who is that? I opened it "Han- what happened to your head." Niall asked "I ugh- me and Harry were playing around and I slammed it on the table." I said coverin for Harry "but there is glass in it." He said "here let me get it out." Niall said grabbing the little shard and pulling it out. I winced "OUCH!" I yelled "I'm Sorry Han." He said "HARRY!" I called "What do you want?" Harry screamed mad "um Niall is here." I said a little scared because I was told not to bother him. "Why is he being so rude to you?" Niall asked "oh we got it a fight." I lied "oh about what?" He asked "um well I uh I changed his show and he just got annoyed." I lied again. I feel bad lying to Niall but I can't get Harry in trouble "HARRY COME DOWN HERE AND KISS YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND OR ELSE I WILL." Niall yelled Harry quickly ran down and kissed me. It was so passionate this is how I know he still loves me. This is why I never leave him. I kissed back tangling my hands in his hair. "Baby what happened to your head?" Harry asked faking being concerned. "I ugh was throwing your empty bottle away and I slipped threw it up and it broke on my head." I stuttered. "Come on baby. Let me clean it." He said. I loved when people visited it brought out the sweet caring Harry I first met and loved very much.

*flash back

"Camille! Let's go to a party! My sister is having one. An it would be easy to sneak some alcohol! Please! Just this once it will be fun!" I exclaimed grabbing her arm dragging her to m house. Camie only lived 2 blocks away. Once we could see the house we could already hear the loud music. "JESY!" I yelled running up and hugging her. "How are you Han?" She asked good. "But we uh gotta go!" I said dragging Camie inside. "Here are the drinks." I said grabbing to and going to dance. "Hannah what on earth do you think your doing!" Perrie shouted "woah calm down Per. They are just having fun! We used to do worse so cut them some slack." Jesy said "ugh fine." -2 hours later

"Camie dance with me." I slurred she shook her head no. "Fine" I said turning around running into someone falling down. "O my gosh I am so sorry I didn't mean to." I said nervous "woah love. Calm down it's alright. I'm Harry by the way I'm Perrie's boyfriends bestfriend." He said giving me him hand. "I'm Hannah Perrie's sister." I said grabbing his hand as he helped me up. "Wanna dance?" He asked me. "Sure" u said going to the dance floor.

*flashback over

"Hannah Hannah HANNAH!" Harry screamed waving a hand over my face. "Wha oh sorry." I said "what were you thinking about love?" He asked "what you were like before you started hitting me." I said in a whisper. "Oh baby I'm sorry. Just know I love you more than anything." He cooed in my ear. Niall had already left. "I love you too." I said he just looked at me then kissed me. "Um Harry let's go upstairs and finish what we started before this slut interfered." Cara said half naked "get out." Harry said pushing her out the door. "But Harry! I love y" she was cut off by the door being slammed he quickly walked back over to me and kissed me hungrily. He patted his thighs signaling for me to jump so I did. "Harry. I'm ready," I said he smiled and carried me upstairs he gently laid me on the bed and started to pull my clothes off trying not to hurt me. I loved this side of him. Sweet caring nice and gentle. "I love you baby." I whispered (you know what happens next.)


Hey guys!! I hope you enjoyed!

Love ya


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