Adopted by 1D

Scarlett love is just another abandoned girl in a orphanage. She thinks nobody loves her she fills unwanted and hated. Scarlett spends her life in her tiny room listening Peirce the veil and Bring me the horizen. Will the one direction boys be able to bring love to the broken 14 year old girl?FInd out in Adopted by 1D


1. Scarletts P.O.V.

I Wake up my heart racing  . I had the dream again . The dream were I'm running  from the murder who killed my family.I can hear him yell my name . I close my eyes and open them .Trying to clear my head I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom . I splash the icecold water on my face . I walk quietly and slowly back to my bedroom thinking about the dream . I've had the awful dream ever sinse I got here, which was 6 years ago. I walk into my room and check the time it reads 6:45 I decide to get ready so I rush over to my closet . I browse through my closet  I decide on my dark colored skinny jeans and my all time low tee shirt with black converse . I run a brush over my hair and walk downstairs to be invited by Ms. Stoker.  "Good morning , Scarlett"Ms. Stoker says sipping her coffee. "morning"I reply grabbing a donut . Taking small bites . "Be prepared people are coming to adopt" Ms .stoker says "k"i mumbled 



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