All Worth Nothing


When Melissa get paid 800$ by Ellie, an obsessed nerd to talk to Colton( hottest guy in school) for her. Melissa thinks this deal is going to be easy. What happens when Colton starts having feelings for her? Will she tell him that their friendship was all fake and loose everything? Would it all be worth nothing ?

1. Intro

~~Mellissa's P.O.V


Typical day today work, work, work the whole time at Mc Donald's. I know pathetic right ? My mom makes me work the weekdays there for extra cash. Instead of being with my friend Ellie, I have to be here frying french fries and making smoothies. Gee, what a life..

        I push the double doors out, the fresh air hitting my face as I got to my blue convertible. My dad got it for me when he was "trying to be in my life" after 10 years of not seeing him. Well he left (again) but he told me I could keep the car.I parked it on Ellie's driveway and walked in saying Hi to Mr. and Mrs. Stiles. I ran upstairs and knocked on her door.

               "Mom? Dad? Come in" Ellie said.
        "It's me you doof !" I laughed as I came in. She got up and hugged me and we sat back down on her bed. She started talking about how school's about to start and that she's going to finally see Colton. She has been obsessing over him since 8th grade, and he hasn't even looked at her only to ask for a pencil or what-ever.   Colton Haynes was the kind of guy where you could only be friends with if you where "someone" in the world. He litterally made girls drool over him for days with his most famous smirk. It's not that Ellie's not pretty, she's really beautiful under those glasses and goofy grin. It's cause he's a jock and Ellie's a nerd, their lives will never collide. But she sure dreams of it. In her drawer's are pictures of him that she took with her camera or pencils that he borrowed from her. In her iPod are pictures mostly all about him! When she first showed me , I thought she was loosing it , but with time I wierdly got used to it since she always talks about him. She could go on for hours talking about how much she knows about him, until i can stop her she's been talking for 20 minutes now..
        " Hey I got an idea! Since I can't get to talk to him, why can't you ? I mean you could get cool, and popular"
        "Ellie, I don't think...."
        "Yes! Talk to him, be friends with him, best friend even! Then , just out of know where talk about me. You know say a bunch of interesting stuff about me and eventually he'll come talk to me! Why didn't i think of this earlier?!" she grinned.
        "Ellie , I ...." I began to tell her.
        " How about I pay you? Does 500 sound okay? "

        "Ellie, have you gone out of your mind? Of course not!" I shouted.

        "Fine 600? "


        OK,OK! But this is my last offer , 800! Deal or no deal?" she asked sounding crazy.
                 I looked at her with a smirk planted right up in my face. 800 dollars to just talk to Colton about Ellie? How bad could this really be ? I could be getting the eight- hundred dollars in any  minute ! I'm doing me and Ellie a favor, I'm getting the money
that I need , while she gets to talk to the love of her life. That's alot of money compared to what I make and I need the money to help mom out . I looked at her and smiled,

" Ohhhhh, alrightt!" i finally agreed.

she squeeled and jumped squeezing me tight until I've gone out of breath. I seriously don't know what I've got myself into.


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