Hashtag #Magic

5 High school friends, Monica, Katherine, Gabrielle, Jenna and Angela aren't like the usual popular girl gang you know in middle school. They don't try to be cute on funny-face pics, they don't dress like models and they don't act sassy and sexy. But most of all, when it comes to boys, they don't flirt or talk... they stalk. Join these 5 BFFs on their High school story: Hashtag Magic!


2. Socially Awkward

Angela and I walk down the hallway. She starts talking:"So, this is the hallway "A", and it's split in two sections. There is equally hallway "B", "C", "D", and "E"."

We arrive at the top of the big brown staircase. From now on, I shall call these stairs the "Big Brown Staircase". Angela distracts my thinking, again, by saying something with her high pitched, girly and eerie-esque voice with a hint of a spanish accent in her words: "This, is called the Public Place."

I look down, only to find a huge room filled with buzzing students, laughing, talking, screaming, dancing, and shoving each other. We walked down the Big Brown Staircase, and into the lockers. People came up to us, greeting Angela, and me, saying "Hey it's the new girl it's the new girl!", then other ones said "Wut? There's a new bitch? Ayt, ayt!". 

I felt offended when they called me "bitch". But Angela whispered in my ear "Don't pay attention to them, they're really just like that." I start to calm down. But before I can reall come back to my senses, Angela introduces me to 3 girls: 1 asian and 2 caucasians. 

"These" blurted out Angela, "These little shits you see here... are my main peeps!" Angela was more vulgar and out going with words than I thought, but I actually found it funny. "Hi!" I said shyly. They saluted me back. They seemed nice, I guess. "Are you Filipina?" asked the asian girl. "Yes" I said. All of a sudden, her squinty eyes lit up like fireworks, as she exclamed softly with her surprisingly boyish voice "ME TOOOOO!" Great. Hey, at least I have a fellow Filipina friend to fuck around with. She continued on: "My name is Gabrielle Alvarado by the way. I'm 15". After Gabrielle introduced herself, the first caucasian girl started talking to me: "My name's Jenna Pellini and I'm Italian, 15. After her, the second caucasian girl introduced herself this time "Hey, my name's Katherine Browne , 15 as well. Yeah. You can tell from my last name that I'm Irish... DON'T TOUCH ME GUINESS OR I'LL SHOVE ME TATERS UP YE ARSE!". The whole gang started laughing their asses off, so to not look like an outcast, I joined in too. But in my mind, my first impression of them was WTF, but they seem nice, cool, funny and WEIRD. But that is exactly how I am too: weird, funny and out going, but only to people and friends who I trust and share the same weirdness as me. But it takes a while before I can open up. I hope these gals are the friends that I have been looking for...

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