Secrets Told

When 15 year old Jenna Ashton has to go to a new school again, she knows something is different. and its not just because of the mysterious boy lurking outside her house at night. When friendships hang on the balance, can Jenna make the right decision or will she lose her gift forever.


4. Discoveries

I wake to my alarm clock buzzing on my bedside table. Silently I get out of bed and knock my alarm clock off. It's Friday, the best day of the school week. Feeling happy, I start to get ready for the day, already wondering what I'm going to do at the weekend.

As I enter the library, the smell of coffee suffocates me as I see a few people, all working at computers looking busy. I walk around the counter looking for the librarian but he is no-where to be seen. I've only ever looked inside here when I was passing by this morning. I remember it smaller than this with more people crammed in. 'Can I help you?' I jump as I turn to see the librarian, Mr Gregory, behind the desk with a book in his hands. He stands tall, with dark messy hair and glasses on the ridge of his nose.

'Um yeah' I say 'I was just hoping to find a book for English.'

'I see' he continues 'what type of book are you looking for?'

'I'm not sure yet.' I reply  noticing his brown leather shoes as he walks towards me at a steady pace. He leads me towards the back of the library, hidden by rows and rows of bookshelves. 'There should be something here.'

'Ok, thanks.' I say. Shocked at how big the library actually is. I dig down on the bottom shelf and find a fantasy novel. I reach my hand out to slip the book out of the shelf, when all of a sudden, the book comes flying into my hands. I shiver as a cold sensation travels down my spine and I look down at the book now firmly in my hand. I didn't touch that I think, and yet here it is. You're going crazy, a voice inside my head tells me as I stand up to brush myself down. I take a depth breath and put it down to stress. You know what you saw, the same voice tells me again, you just don't want to believe it.

The room seems tight, the air heavy, as I recall what happened earlier today. I picked up a novel about supernatural events and people, on my way out, along with a more normal book for English class tomorrow. It says that it's possible for people, humans like myself to float things with the power of the mind. Telekinesis. I'm not sure what I did exactly but I've always thought of myself as something other than normal, it just seems to unbelievable. I decide not to tell my parents anything, mostly because they'd think I'm crazy, but somewhere in my mind, I'm telling myself to forget abut it and it will go away. It won't. I can feel it. Something is starting and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


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