Secrets Told

When 15 year old Jenna Ashton has to go to a new school again, she knows something is different. and its not just because of the mysterious boy lurking outside her house at night. When friendships hang on the balance, can Jenna make the right decision or will she lose her gift forever.


7. Birthdays.

The sun shining through the slight gap in the curtain awakens me from my sleep as the light hovers above my eyelids. I yawn and slowly sit up stretching and welcoming the world. My birthday. 16, it seems just a second ago that I turned 15 back in London. But here I am. A knock sounds on my door and my mum pokes her head through the door. 'Good morning birthday girl.' Her voice echo's off my ears as I'm still not fully awake. 'Morning,' I reply rubbing the sleep out of eyes. 'Well, you better get dressed fast, I thought you were going round to Ravens in the morning and then having a family dinner with me and dad afterwards?' She asks disappointment slightly creeping into her voice.

'That's the plan mum.' I say, 'We'll have to have a proper feast, I'm 16!' I squeal.

'Ok,' She says, sounding more enthusiastic.


From the outside, Ravens house looks really big. The tall pointed roof at the top gives the impression of a castle and actually makes me wonder what it looks like inside. Does she have maids and servants running around for her, like the royalty do in castles? Well there' only one way to find out, I think. My feet carry me towards the door before I change my mind.

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