Secrets Told

When 15 year old Jenna Ashton has to go to a new school again, she knows something is different. and its not just because of the mysterious boy lurking outside her house at night. When friendships hang on the balance, can Jenna make the right decision or will she lose her gift forever.


1. A New Start

'Jenna! Come on, we're going to be late!' My mum shouts up the stairs as she waits impatiently for me to get ready. 

'Just a second mum' I shout, slightly annoyed at her impatience.

'Come on! your going to be late for your first day!'

'Ok, ok I'm ready. Calm down.' I reply as I run down the stairs to find an angry face staring up at me. I hate moving schools. It was only a year ago since we moved to Welvetry academy. A school for intelligent, mature students like me, according to my mum. it turned out to be full of losers who didn't care at all about learning and the importance of their future. that was except from Lily, my best friend back then. We met when I moved there, and it turned out she had only moved there a few months before as well so we got along great. I miss Lily. I miss the way she would link arms with me and skip down the corridor like it was our last day on Earth. But most of all, I miss how I could talk to her about anything and she would act as if it were completely normal, even though we both new it was far from it. That is one thing I am most definitely not........ normal.




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