Heaven and hell

A girl named Isabella was murdered my a man and sent to a world of half angels. He guardian told her to find the demon with the miserere and execute it. So she does. The traveling was a lot easier than she thought. Gus was the murderer's demon and she is forced to fight. Does Isabella win?


1. chapter one

As I slowly open my eyes. I'm lost. I don't know where I am and the thriving pain in my head made me want to hurl. I don't remember anything that happened last night except walking down highway 13.

I slowly pulled myself up and my head shot me with thousands of needle. I scream in pain and frustration of the fact that I'll probably be around 30 by the time I'm out of the bed. I was in a room. It was grey, everywhere. I may have a killer hangover but I know I've never been here before.

I saw a spark of light walking over to me and my eyes close. "Whoa dude. Watch where your pointing that thing." I lift my hands up to block the like but as it came closer, I noticed its body was glowing. It didn't have a flashlight. It light was dim though. It would go bright then of. Then back on.

"Your dead. But your nor angel or demon yet." He said and gestured for me to take his hand. I did and he led me through a long corridor.

"I'm dead? How? My name's Isabella by the way."

"I know who you are. I'm your guardian. And you died because you were murdered. You are now a half angel. like me. But god has rewarded me because you are now safe and I'm transforming into an angel. You must find the man who killed you and fight the demon near him. That will make the man better and you will transform into an angel. I hope I meet you soon. Farewell, Isabella."

He dimmed a lot more and then he was gone. Just like that. I was suppose to fight a demon when the only things I've fought in my life were my two little sisters (Maggie and Calla).

I had to find the guy who murdered me? I was going to be like this for a while. And would the demon even show itself when I do? Or is it in his heart. What if the dude was already dead? A I missed him. And how the hell do I get out of here!?!?

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