Bad Boy

"Stay away from him..... He only wants in your pants." I wish I listened.

Hi. I'm Rachel, and I just moved from the U.S. to the U.K. Yeah, I'm the new girl. It's hard being the new girl. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I'm pretty shy, but if you mess with me it won't be pretty. Haha. Well, I guess that all..... For now. ;)

*One Direction not famous*


2. Lunch

***Skip to lunch***

Rachel's POV

Finally! I thought as the bell rung, signaling that English class was over. Yeah, the teacher is an ass. I walked out of the classroom, only Perrie and Eleanor were in my class. All for of us got along really well, I can tell we'll be best friends. "C'mon girlies!!" Perrie said, walking out of the classroom. I learned that they were really popular. Me and El followed her out of the classroom, meeting up with Sophia. We walked to the cafeteria, all in a straight line. We all walked to the 'popular' table and sat down. At my old school I only had a few friends and I wasn't popular, so I wasn't used to sitting at the popular table. Eleanor and Perrie started a conversation when Sophia pointed to a curly haired guy and started talking. "Don't look now, but the school's bad ass is staring at you." She said. I turned my head to where she was pointing, and seen a boy with curly hair and sunglasses on. He seen me look back, and he smirked. Perrie and El stopped their conversation. "That's Harry. Harry Styles. Stay away from him..... He only wants in your pants." Perrie said. I turned back towards them. "Why is he staring at me, then?" I asked. "Well, he always keeps his eye on one girl. Then, he uses his 'charm' to bring them into his house. Then, y'know what happens." El said. "So, what? Am I like his next victim?" I asked, hoping the answer was no. "Well.... Kinda."Perrie said. "Ugh! Why does bad stuff always happen to me?" I said angrily. I didn't want to be someone's 'prey!!!' "What else happened?" Sophia asked. "Well.... I used to be bullied, at my old school." I said quietly. "Oh my god Rachel, I'm sorry! But you know people who are bullied or are depressed cut... you didn't, did you?" I wasn't ready for that question.

Harry's POV

I was watching a girl, I think shes new, but shes hot. I was just looking at her (yeah, sounds stalkerish, right? don't worry; im not.) when I seen Sophia, I think her name is, said something to her and pointed to me. She looked at me, and I smirked. She turned back around and started talking to her friends. I could she the side of her face, so I knew what her facial expressions were. Then that Sophia girl said something, and her eyes widened and her face paled. What did she say? I had to know, so I got up and walked over to their table.

Rachel's POV

I could fell my face paling. I didn't want to answer that! They couldn't know!! Nobody could! I was so happy when I heard a voice behind me. "Hi girls." I heard a raspy voice say. I turned around and seen the curly haired guy, Harry. "Can I sit down?" He asked. "Sure...." I said slowly. I turned back to the girls and mouthed 'help!' They just shook their heads. UGH!! I turned back around to Harry and smiled a fake smile. He sat down right next to me. "Whats your name, beautiful?" He asked. Oh my god, he's not flirting, please tell me he's not flirting!!! "Rachel. You?" I asked, even though I already knew. "Harry." He said. "So, what are you guys talking about?" He asked. "Nothing!" I answered quickly. "Oh, well I was wondering if you wanted to do something with me tonight?" He asked. No no no!!! "Sorry, I'm busy, I'm going to.... El's house!!" I said, making up an excuse. "Ooh, really?!"El squealed. "Yeah, we already discussed it, remember?" I said, giving her a wink. "Oh, yeah!" she said playing along. "Oh... Ok, well, see ya around." He said, giving me a small wave. "That was close." I muttered.



AUTHORS NOTE; Hey hey hey!! So, to all of you who have read/ liked this movella, THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU!!! Ha, well I just wanted to say thank you, it really means a lot.So, please like and comment, I'd really appreciate it!!! BYE!!! Come again. C'ya!!!!! -onedirectioninfection22

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