Old friends (one direction love story)

Harry is a demon,Niall is a angel they are both princes Rebecca is half angel half dark angel who will she choose?
Or will Liam who is a dark angel sweep her off her feet?


4. chapter three:present


Present-my Pov:

"Time for our date love" I heard a deep raspy voice say from behind me. I turned around and saw a tall kinda tan boy with curly brown hair and forest green eyes." Harry?" I asked him he nodded smiling his dimples showing.

"I missed you love is Niall still here?" Harry asked happy."Ya I am styles go back to hell" Niall said hugging me from behind Harry's eyes were pitch black now.

He let out a demon like laugh and disappeared out of thin air. "We have to go now love" Niall said as his wings grew after the cracking of his bones stopped. I held on to him for dear life and he flew into the forest and towards a island in the middle of the ocean I saw three lads on the beach.

Niall landed on the golden sand and put me down the three guys ran towards us and bowed" welcome back prince Niall who is this lovely lady" the one with brown shaggy hair and brown puppy eyes said kissing my hand causing my cheeks to heat up.

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