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2. Directioners

Charlie's POV

I sang '5 Seconds Of Summer-She looks So Perfect' and practically screamed the lyrics. Harry's came in an sang with me. "Because I'm the best big brother EVER. I got you and me some 5sos concert tickets. Well , it's for when they open for us. There's also backstage passes!" He told me. I hugged him tight. "Aww thanks!" I shouted "I love you!" He smiled. I smiled back. "I love you too!" He lay next to me on my bed. "What time is it ?" I asked him weakly. "11:57" he told me. I yawned.

Harry's POV

I woke up next to Charlie. Aww she's sleeping. Adorable ! I heard faint music. I looked at her phone and paused her music. I started putting her hair in a fishtail platt. I could be a hairdresser. It looked perfect. Then her alarm clock went off. Holy shit. It's Wednesday !? "Get up ! Shit you've got school!" Niall shouted running in. Charlie got up and showed us a letter about school holidays. Her schools on strike...for a week ? I thought it was only for a day ! Wow. She lay back down and went to sleep. I went back to sleep with her.

Liam's POV

"Hey , Louis ! Make me food!" I demanded. "Get off yo fat ass and make it your self!" He shouted. I sighed an slammed my face in the couch. "Gryahhhh!" I moaned. "Fine!" Louis spoke quietly. I sat up and smiled. He came back in with his phone. "I ordered pizza !" He shouted. I smiled. Yaaaaaaaaaay. There was a knock at the door. "That was quick , too quick!" Louis said curiously. He opened the door and Luke Hemmings walked in. "Hey dude !" Louis shouted. "Hey Lou , have you seen Harry ? He won't answer my texts," Louis nodded his head. Luke came in and sat next to me. "Hey Luke. Wassup ?" Harry came down the stairs. "There's a bunch of Directioners outside and apparently they're looking for Zayn," he explained. Uh-oh! "Well the thing is Luke ,Zayn got kidnapped..." Harry said. "Harry !!" Charlie screamed from her room. "Uh-oh!" Harry whispered. "What have you done to my straighteners ?" She held them up. "What's wrong with them ?" Harry asked. "Well firstly they're covered in pink paint ! Also they've got glitter on them-" she was interrupted by a knock on the door. She stormed down the stairs and answered it. "Hey , is Luke here ?" Michael asked her.

Charlie's POV

Omfg ! It's Michael Clifford ! "No. Why would he be-" I looked at the couch. "Oh wait ! Yea he is. Come in," they sat down. I went upstairs and got changed. I put some American flag leggings on (Stars and Stripes) , white vest top , leather jacket and my red converse on. I brushed my hair about 10 times to try and get it straight. I walked downstairs and put some toast in the toaster. No , wait bread in the toaster. I heard a knock at the door. I turned the heat down on the toaster and answered the door. Everyone in this house is lazy. A pizza guy ? "Hey someone give me money !" I shouted. Louis paid the pizza guy and took the pizza off me. "Hey ! I was gonna eat that!" I shouted. I took my toast out the toaster and put Nutella on it. I finished it and got my bag. "I'm going out," I told Harry. "Have you got your phone ?" He asked me. I nodded my head. I walked outside and got bombarded by Directioners. Holy shit these people are CRAZY ! "If you don't move none of you are getting followed on Twitter !" Suddenly everyone moved. I walked into the park where I met my friends. We went up to the skate ramps. We sat on one of the sides at the end with the silver poles. I played my music. Some boys came over to us. One sat opposite me. "What ?" I asked. He laughed a little. He moved closer. I slapped him across the face and then realised it was my cousin.... Awkward !

Niall's POV

I snook into the place where Zayn was being held captive. "Shut up !" Someone shouted. Yikes! I heard the door to the room Zayn was in open. I ran into a cupboard. Shit ! I hear him go out of this.... Thing. I heard him lock it. I'm locked in !?!? I ran into where Zayn was. "Niall!" He shouted in a whisper. We hugged for a while. "I need to get you out of this place! 5sos came over because loads of Directioners have been looking for you!" I explained to him. He smiled. I friend punched him in the arm. "Ow!" He yelped. I laughed at him.

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