(Maybe someday) I'll love again

Maddy had alway been the one that falls the fastest and the furthest. The first guy she loved treated her like garbage and played her, as did the second. Each relationship lasted almost one year then failing. When she meets someone that only the luckiest get to meet, and some how this all turns around because of him. She loved him from the first time she saw him on stage, in 2010. He knew she was his princess from the time he bumped into her in a mall in 2014.
Only bad thing? She is not willing to put her heart on the line, not if it is just going to break again.


3. Chapter Three

**Phone Conversation** (M= Maddy D= Derek)

M: Hello, Derek?

D: Maddy. Haven't talked to you in ages, how are you doing?

M: I am doing really good. You?

D: That's good. I am good as well, just got done with my season on dancing with the stars.

M: Yeah, I saw that! You and Amy did really good all season. 

D: Thanks, but I have a feeling that is not why you called?

M: You know me so well. *giggles* I have a favor to ask of you.

D: No. I will not try to train your friends dog to Cha-Cha.

M: Oh come on that was a good idea... although that wasn't why I called.

D: No it was not a good idea, last time I got pawed in the groin one too many times. If that isn't it what is it then.

M: Was to. Anyways, I was reading my fan mail this morning, or well Denise was reading my fan mail too me this morning.

D: You are really still with Denise?

M: Yeah I am stuck with her until the end of the contract, in six months.

D: Oh, I know how that is. Ok so what was the fan needing.

M: She wants me to dance for her.

D: Ok... and you want me to help you with the choreography?

M: Yes, but the dance I was thinking needs two people.

D: So you want me to help with a choreography and get you a partner? 

M: As long as the partner is my teacher.

D: Me? You want me to dance with you?

M: Yes, it is in the area where you and Julianne are this week. Please Derek?

D: Fine. But you owe me big time Maddy.

M: Thanks, good thing you said yes because my plane just landed and I was thinking maybe we could start practice now?

D: No time would be better to start!

M: Thanks see ya in a few!

D: That's what is planned.

M: Har har. See ya there bye.


(End of Phone call)

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