(Maybe someday) I'll love again

Maddy had alway been the one that falls the fastest and the furthest. The first guy she loved treated her like garbage and played her, as did the second. Each relationship lasted almost one year then failing. When she meets someone that only the luckiest get to meet, and some how this all turns around because of him. She loved him from the first time she saw him on stage, in 2010. He knew she was his princess from the time he bumped into her in a mall in 2014.
Only bad thing? She is not willing to put her heart on the line, not if it is just going to break again.


1. Chapter One

Maddy-- (In 2010)

"I am Niall Horan, I am from Mullingar in the mid lands of Ierland." I rushed from the kitchen in my apartment, putting down my task of cleaning dishes until the next commercial break. When I saw who it was, I practically new instantly that he was going to be one that I called in for, the whole season. I knew he was going to win, or at least get close. Snapping out of my day dream I started listening to his story. "I wanna sell out arenas an' make and album an' work with some of the best artist in the world." A pause in speak as the Corus from Justin Biebers' "Baby" started playing. The music slowly backed off and he continued to talk. "Today is the start of it all, if I get through today, it's game on." He smirked and the screen changed from him to a stage with a big "X" in the middle. "Alright Dublin." He smirked again holding a handheld microphone up to his mouth. Many girls where heard screaming and "Baby" could sill be heard playing softly. As Niall talked to the judges and the audience Maddy again began to day dream until he began to sing. Maddy's jaw dropped as she listened to his voice her prediction was right, he was really good and he was going to make it far. Too soon the first judge, Katy Perry started to voice her opinion.

"I think you are adorable and you have charisma, I just think that maybe you should work on it. You're only sixteen. I started out when I was fifteen and I didn't make it until I was twenty three." As she speaks she receives small 'boos' from some audience members.

Then it is Simon Cowls turn. "I think you are unprepared. I think you came with the wrong song, you're not as good as you thought you are. Um, but I still like you." Cheers are heard ringing through out the auditorium.

Next it was Cheryl Cole speaking. "Yeah, you're obviously adorable, you've got a lot of charm, for a sixteen year old but the song is too big for you maybe." 

Finally it was Louis Walsh. "Niall. I think you have something, I think that people would absolutely likable."

"What did you say?" Simon leaned back looking to Louis.

"I think people will like him just because he is likable, not because he is Irish." Louis replied. "You know what I mean. It's-"

Again Simon talks. "You're saying people will like him because he is likable."

"You know what just shut up." The crowd cheered at Louis' comment as he looked to Niall and continued speaking. "So, Simon, yes are no?"

"You know what? I am going to say yes." Simon leaned back in his chair and waited for the rest of the votes. The crowd that was once cheering was now a roar.

Louis spoke again. "Cheryl, yes or no?"

"I am going to say no." Cheryl shakes her head and the roar becomes a sea of 'boo's and 'no's heard from all around.

"I am going to say yes." Louis looks to Niall extending his arms in front of him. But Louis is not done talking as the crowd again started to cheer. "So now, Katy, he needs three 'yes'."  Katy does a motion with her pen to her throat exaggerating the weight that was just put onto her shoulders. Louis shouts; "Give him a chance."

Then Katy begins to talk. "Can I just say, that, I agree with Cheryl. That you do need more experience, and by the way that just if you are likable, likeableness is not going to sell records." Some more 'boo's are heard in the audience yet Katy continues. "But what IS going to sell records is talent and you have... A seed of it."

"Go on." Louis again shouts, and the fans stop the 'boo's and begin to once again cheer.

Sitting on the edge of my seat I don't realize I am holding my breath until I am gasping for the air that my lungs where needing so badly.

Katy seems to pounder the thought a little and then finally she speaks. "Of course, you're in."

"Yeah!" Niall screams as he jumps what seemed to be further than humanly possible.

"Don't let us down." Katy yells, barley audible to the screaming audience.

"Oh I won't." Niall speaks into the microphone as he walks off stage.

I knew at that moment that he was going to make it past the little show on the Television and out into the real world, become really popular and big. Little did I know that one was going to be five. Little did I know that I would get lucky enough to meet him and his future band mates. Little did I know that we would later date. Little did I know what all would happen after Niall went on that small stage and sang "So sick" by NeYo,  it all beginning just four short years later in a mall where they collided.


That was short and sucky and I know. This is just introducing you to everything that is going on and reaping that day in 2010. Yes those are the words that each person said, leaving a few out (ALL CREDIT TO THE X-FACTOR 2010!).

I have to go for now but I will be back soon to start (And hopefully post) Chapter 2 tonight.

Please comment and let me know what you think so far.

Hope you like it Maddy. Love ya sis.

(like I said, please comment and hang around for chapter two) in at least an hour.

Love you all.

Callie xox

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