Chloe is an outcast.
Stefan gets the ladies with his gorgeous and charming looks.
But he isn't what he seems to be.
Chloe sets to find out- that would also mean adventuring into the deeper world, and the dark and good side of things.
She isn't alone though.
Can she save the entire town from getting dominated from the bloodsuckers?
JabberJayxX is the best place to go to for front covers ^_^

1. 1


High school had been hell- for me anyway. 

I'm a sort of girl who'd always sit at the back of the class room, trying to avoid all crowds- and trying so desperately hard not to make a fool of myself. Everyone here at my school had the same disease- or crave for that disease. 


Everyone wants it, everyone yearns for it. It's a simple but a difficult task to get, if you were in my school. You just have to get everyone to like you. Even if that means change the way you dress, or changing completely in general. Right now, I'm the only person who is immune to that disease. I had been a complete loner. I was non-existent and unknown to our entire class. And I would want it to stay that way. I'm completely clumsy yet- I try hard in school. I can be whoever I like, and I still didn't give a damn of what the others think.

Did I mention I have strange dreams about a girl with white wings? It usually happens every night, and I wake up crying. Maybe it's because the girl with the white wings always looked sad, and she was gliding around all on her own up in the sky. And if I ever tried to get close with some one, I'd always have a mental break down. I'd think of the girl in the sky, and start crying. None of my old friends came back and spoke to me ever since. 

My mother calls me unique, just because half the time I had been bullied- it was just one of her ways of trying to console me. I cupped my hands, and rested my elbows on my single desk. I rested awkwardly with my head in my palms, staring into space. I was only trying to make it look like I had been paying attention to the class. 


No one really was. 

 Until she mentioned a new male was coming into class. 

All the girls, popular girls, normal girls, Gothic, nerds- all chirped up in surprise, gossiping and day dreaming as if the guys in our class had been total idiots. 

I don't see how this one would  be any different.  

But I felt something funny as the new guy came in- it was a strange, indescribable feeling that made my stomach tighten up. 

He was pale white like freshly fallen snow, his hair was metallic black and chopped up. The black look suited him. He wore nothing but black. 

Black jumper, black jeans, black Italian boots. He looked like he was in pain as he entered the class room. Something about him, made my heart explode. I've never had that happen to me before. His lips were cherry red, his eyebrows were perfect- his figure had been broad and muscular, making him look mysterious and dark. He looked older than seventeen. 

His eyes were a golden brown color, and it made him look... beautiful. Almost like a dark angel.

As soon as he noticed me looking up at him, admiring the view- his facial expression turned into something cold hearted- icy. 

       'Oh... jesus, he's so dreamy...' One of the girls in my class chorused, whispering to the girl in front of her. He was still looking at me, even when I tried avoiding his intimidating gaze. I pursed my lips together, and slouched back down in my wooden seat, twiddling with my pen. 

      'Everyone, this is Stefan Clarke,' Mrs Vaughan introduced brightly. Stefan nodded slowly, as if it was meant to be a gesture of 'hello'. And all of the girls started gossiping, and whispering- and of course, I had been the odd one out. I rolled my eyes in disgust, and noticed Stefan was faintly smiling at me as if he was agreeing with me. 

     'Hm... you get to sit next to Chloe, seeing as there are no other seats available...' Mrs Vaughan trailed off as she scanned around the room. Stefan's jaw tensed tightly, he froze for a second, and walked over next to me- and sat down in his seat. He crossed his arms together, and placed them on the empty light cream wooden desk. I couldn't help but stare at him.  

        'Oh my god... he's sat next to me! Wait... who the hell is he looking at?' The girl next door to him whispered to the one behind, the girl followed his gaze, and it landed on to me. I took a deep breath, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. 

       'Hello,' Stefan swallowed harshly. I turned around to face him, and he was struggling to smile. His voice had been deep, almost croaky and quiet. I tilted my head to the left slightly, opening my mouth a few millimeters to say something. But when I tried to, nothing came out.  

     'Hi,' I replied instantly, mumbling. Stefan smiled faintly at me again, and clenched his fists softly and unclenched them. 

    'Soon, you're going to find out a secret of mine, you're a special girl to me, Chloe Davis...' Stefan acknowledged me, making my body heat up like a Bunsen burner.  

I couldn't be special. 

I'm not known. 

How did he know me? What does he mean by special

He shot up out of his seat, slamming the edge of the desk with his palm violently, and stormed out of the room. And in an instant second, the school bell rang- and rattled in my ear telling me it had been lunchtime. I gasped suddenly in surprise, and found myself taking deep breaths. I could hear muttering of different conversations with different topics. They gathered their designer bags, and the guys gathered their sport brand bags neatly. On the other hand, I just threw my old worn out navy green back pack over my shoulder, and sorted out the uneven edges of my brown jumper, and straightened my denim jeans- and headed for the door. 

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