*thanks to @SnowyWriter who did the amazing cover!*
Ember notices something strange about the boy.
His prescence dazzles her. There's something, strange, about him.
Her stepdads away because of ghastly coincidences,
Who is Ridian?
WHAT is Ridian?
Will she go with her head, or her heart?


1. Ember- prologue

The constant silence was deafening. I didn't realize that silence could be so loud. My flowing crimson hair attacked my face. Don't trust them, Ember Dominic had told me, Don't trust the Wilks. The very last words Dom told me. My porcelain hands gripped on to the tree. The branches snapping as footsteps tried to bribe their quietness. And then there he was. I had to keep fighting, for Dom's sake, as well as my own.

        The crunching of dried leaves made my heart flicker. A single tear glided down my swollen cheek. My heart aching from my love and hatred towards him, my help, my love, my soul, my traitor.

His crow-black hair fell into his eyes, his beautiful, green eyes. His expression looked worried. His leg was badly cut. Blood oozed from a gaping ruby hole. Dirt covered his clothes. 

"Ember! Ember? Where are you, I can save you, they're coming, Em, it's too late."

A set of emerald eyes stared at me through the foliage.

      A  Magenta strand of hair skated across my face. My shallow breaths echoed through the woodland. This was it. This was my fate. Why did I have to love a creature destined to destroy?

But I already knew the answer.

You can't help who you love,

Even if they are trying to kill you.

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