The Donation

One day Ally Moore was watching the British show Surprise Surprise when a little boy nearly dies because of only one kidney , only a man donated his. Ally is determined to donate hers so she does but when it turns out that she donated her kidney to a certain boy out of a famous boy band , her world is turned up side down, she falls in love and life is never the same . Find out what happens in The Donation ................


5. Chapter 4 ~ Backstage

Chapter 4- Backstage


Oh my god , I couldn't take it any more . One Direction were in front of me! When they saw me they smiled, they walked down the catwalk on stage. I froze , I really couldn't breathe anymore, you don't know how much Fangirling I was doing right now but on the outside I tried to be calm , but that wasn't really working for me.They all walked over to the couch and stopped. First of all Harry gave me a hug I closed my eyes, HARRY STYLES WAS TOUCHING ME!!!! Harry let go and Zayn pulled me in and embrace, Zayn let go and Louis gave me a huge hug. Niall smiled,

"Hey Ally" and pulled me in for a hug , oh my god I was touching Niall, Liam was last he gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug, while he was giving me a hug he whispered in my ear .

"Thank you for saving my life" when he pulled back he smiled.

Liam sat on my left with Zayn and Louis beside him and Niall sat on my right with Harry beside him, and then Jessica .

"So Ally how are you feeling?" Holly asked politely.

"Ugghhhh......... Emmmm.......... One Direction....... Kidney.......beside me...... Gonna collapse " I stuttered quietly . Holly , the boys and the crowd all laughed , oh my god did they hear that? I could feel myself going red I covered my face with my hands. But the crowd laughed harder. Oh my god millions of people were watching this and I was here making a fool of my self.

"Can I say something ?" Liam chirped in,

"Yes of course" Holly answered.

"Well this girl right her " Liam said wrapping his arm around my shoulders, " saved my life , if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here right now , I will forever owe you Ally thanks so much " he said with his trademark smile and squeezing my shoulder a little.

"Oh you know, it was nothing" I said weakly.

"Well why don't all of you's go back stage and catch up? " Holly said.

"Sure lets go " Zayn smiled.

We all stood up but I noticed Niall slightly pushed Louis over a bit so he could stand beside me, our arms touched, I could feel the tingles . I looked to Niall who obviously felt it as well, he smiled. We walked down the catwalk together to the double doors,they opened and we walked through. We were surrounded by Television people shouting orders and taking off our mic's. When we were finished we were dragged into a room that looked just like a living room, with a couch, a TV, and a coffee table . When we all got into the room , I looked to Jessica, she smiled.

"So tell us about your selfs " Louis smiled.

"Well my name's Jessica Anne Walker , I'm 19 years old and I have an older brother called Jake, he's 22 and if you touch any of us " she said pointing at the both of us, "he would kick your arse" she said smiling.

The boys gulped, "we wouldn't touch you's , obviously "Niall said truthfully . I looked up to him , I looked into his eyes, I know in all the fan fictions , and Imagines and Pictures they say Nialls eyes were really blue and you could get lost in them and they were 'orbs' , but that was really an understatement. They were so blue they made the Caribbean Sea look ugly! I realised I was staring so I turned away, I could feel my cheeks going red. I hoped nobody noticed.

"Do you's want to come out and get something to eat with us and we can talk some more? " Zayn asked politely .

"Yeah I'm starving" Niall and I said simultaneously.

Niall looked over to me with a smile, "Yay your not one of those girls are afraid to eat, in case they get fat.... Not that your fat or anything........your perfect" he stuttered.

WAIT Rewind. Did he just call me perfect ,WHAT!!!!!

"Um .., thanks " I smiled shyly. Only then did I notice everybody else talking to each other , it looked like Jessica and Harry were getting it on. I'd have to ask her about that later.

"Right we have to take two cars I'm driving one who wants to come with me?" Louis asked. Every body stepped away from him,

"My drivings not that bad!" Louis protested, Ally you'll come with me ,won't you?" He pleaded.

I had to give in, "Fine !" I huffed.

"I'm coming too" Niall chirped in.

"Me too " said Zayn.

"YAY!!" He screamed running into my arms.

I laughed, "You are a physcopath do you know that , Louis Tomlinson?". He just laughed and said , " I know". We walked to the exit of the building, I heard lots of screaming "There here!" and bright lights. Somebody grabbed my wrist, as cheesy as it sounds I felt pins and needles. I turned around to see a brilliant white smile , "Hey you should wear these" Niall said passing me a pair of black ray bans .

"Thanks" I took them out of his hand. We walked to two black SUV's, Liam got in one Drivers seat , while Louis got in the other. There were loads of Paparazzi out side , they kept screaming questions ,but I didn't listen. Zayn got in the front passenger seat so me and Niall got in the back. When I sat down and buckled my seatbelt , I took a breath. I still couldn't believe it, I was sitting in a car with 3/5 of the biggest boy and on the planet. I sat there for a bit , I felt my eyes start to droop. When I opened them back up , I screamed , I saw too big headlights that belonged to a giant truck ,come our way.


(A/N) So how did you like that? Haha love ye!



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