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Blake is a musician a shy one. When one of her best friend wants to start a band and post videos of them on YouTube she doesn't know how to act but, agrees. So when they catch an eye of a certain band an go to meet them Blake sees the other side of fame and her best friends and does she like it? I don't know... Well I do but, you will have to go and read to figure out the answer for yourself.


1. chapter 1

I always had a love for music; it started since I was 5 hearing the Beatles blare from my dad's and mom's speaker, when they were happy at least. It started with my older sister and me singing and dancing to them, dressing up and pretending we were pop stars. It's seems so long ago but, it was only 11 years ago.

Christmas when I was 6 I got a guitar. My parents wanted me to take lessons, I remember throwing a tantrum about wanting to do it myself, that I was a big girl. I smile at those happy memories when I was younger.

7 I got a baby brother, Alex I remember singing lullabies when he would cry and him look up at me and laughing, I loved seeing the smile sparkle in his green eyes. It made me feel proud of myself for being such a big sister and always being there for him.

8, I started to play piano taking lessons, I always remembered complaining I didn't like music but, I would always loved playing on my own going on YouTube and teaching myself and hearing my parent say I told you still loved music.

10, I started drums I remember moving to a different state, I was a shy girl keeping to myself unlike Kylie my older sister. When I went to my first concert Hannah Montana, ya silly I know but I liked the beat seeing the drummer twirl his sticks in the air and the distinct thump of the drum when he would proud it with the drum stick. Jack's lessons were the place I went to learn. Hiding behind my mother even though I was 10. Hearing then talk as I grew curious at the pictures on the wall. Seeing Jack my teacher and now one of my best friends who I will never forget smile with family friends ad may I dare say celebrities?

12, I began singing lessons wanting to get even better at it. I remember the frustration I put forward when I couldn't reach a note or messed up a lyric to my favorite song with my brother sitting next to me helping me, but I never appreciate any of it, instead I called him annoying and stupid and him getting mad and leave me trying to figure it put myself before I would give up for the night.

14, Alex died in a car accident along with my mom. I remember at the funeral it was a sunny day but it felt like a cloud hung above us bringing us endless sadness. When we got home dad acted different he started drinking a lot and got angry. I remember seeing him slap Kylie and her run off to her room slamming the door and sobbing. When I heard my dad calls me over...

15, I was attacked by a bull shark in a local river making me lose my left foot but, not my hope not yet.

Now I'm 16 my sister left me alone abandoned with my abusive father, and my music. Music I just love how it rolled off my tongue. You may say oh this is another story of a girl who is abused and bullied actually I'm Not bullied I'm actually in the middle having a strong group of friends we hang out a lot.

I'm the therapist where they go for help with their problems, the geek, and the musician. We have Claire the singer, fashionista and jock, Alisa the artist. Taylor who's practically my twin she's my best friend she's a combination of everyone. Sydney the jock and nerd they are my close friends I have a lot of friends but, I really only talk to these people.

But, you're not here for that your heat to see how I met my idols, your idols and how a little shy music freak broke out of her bubble and lived life.

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