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It was then and there i left everything. My parents, my best friend, everyone i ever loved. This went on for about 6 months until he found me.


1. ch.1


i cant believe what im about to do. Am i really gonna do it? Should i ? of course i should. her life would be in danger if i don't. But if i do i'll never be able to see her again. if only i could go back to yesterday...


'when is that damn bell gonna ring?' i thought to myself. it was the last hour and after school me and my best friend Dani are going shopping for prom dresses. prom i s tomorrow and we are just going now... i still dont fully understand why we didnt go earlier. 

finally the bell rang and i jumped from my seat and ran to my locker. when i got there i saw the one person out of this whole school(besides Dani), that i was actually happy to see, standing infront of my locker, blocking the way. "Harry move. i cant be late." i said smiling at him. "late for what?" he asked, his voice low, sending chills through me. "im going shopping for prom with Dani for prom." i said as he slowly moved from my locker." speaking of prom, your not going with anyone right?" he asked, i opened my locker. "no, are you?" i asked after getting my stuff out and closing my locker. "yes, i am." we started walking towards Dani's locker. "oh yeah, who?" "You. i'll pick you up at 7:00." he said smirking and walking towards his car.

i smiled to myself and went to Dani's locker. "hey you ready?" I asked. "yeah, c'mon." she said closing her locker and walking out to her car, i followed close behind. we got in her car and i told her about what harry said. "awwww, you guys are adorable together." she said watching the road. "how many times do i have to tell you, we're not dating. and i doubt it'll ever happen.  we're just really good friends." "and how many times do i have to tell you that it will happen. he loves you, do you not see that? " she said. "oh does he? how do you know?" "well, for starters, he's always waiting at your locker. he always sits with us instead of his friends at lunch. you and him text and Skype each other until 3:00 in the morning. he's always following you to class even if it gets him in trouble-" she went on but i got side-tracked by my phone vibrating. i took it out of my pocket and saw a text from harry. i was about to open it when she stopped listing reasons. "is that from your boyfriend?" i looked at her and i didnt even have to say anything, she knew that i would tell her how we're just friends. i opened it and read it.


    hey cupcake! just reminding you i''ll be picking you up at 7:00 and is it ok if we stay at my house with some guys. i want you to meet them. its ok if you dont feel comfortable in a room alone with 4 guys and me, but i promise they wont try anything ;)

i giggled as we pulled up at the shop. "what does it say?" dani asked. i showed her it and she made a face at me. "sure, 'they wont try anything,' haha im going with you." i laughed at her and agreed with her coming. "let me just see if its ok with harry."


     hey is it ok if Dani comes too? she wants to make sure nothing happens ;)


    of course! why wouldnt she be able to? lol hey can you call me its important

 we got out of the car and entered the store. i dialed his number and he answered it. 


"hey april"

"why'd ya want me to call you?"

"what are you doing after shopping?"


"can you come over and stay the night?"

"um... sure"

"its ok if you dont want to, i just thought-"

"no no, harry i would love to"

"great, do you have a ride, or do you want me to pick you up?"

"i can have dani drive me"

"mmk, i'll see you then cupcake"

we hung up and i went to find dani, who was oicking out dresses for the both of us. "so, what did he want?" she asked, handing me some dresses that she'd picked out for me. 'he wants me to stay at his place tonight." "oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh. i was right! he does love you!" she said/yelled, causing some attention from the few shoppers. "no im sure it's just out of kindness because we are friends. nothing else." "for now." she whispered, causing me to playfully punch her arm. "do you love him?" she asked getting serious after laughing. "ummmmmmm....do i have to answer that? i dont know. i love him as a friend but-" "but what? even if you dont want to admit it now, you know somewhere deep down you really love him more than that and you know it." i kust laughed at her trying to make me admit it.

Do i love him? does he love me? will 'us' ever happen?

why else would he alway follow me just to be with me, or text and talk to me at night, or want me to stay the night, or want to take me to prom?

Dani snapped me out of my thoughts, telling me to start trying on the dresses so i wont be late for harry. i snickered at her and looked through the dresses.

~30 min. later~

after looking through what seemed like dozens of dresses, i found one that i found most appealing. it was to my knees, mint green and flowey. Dani had a dress that was black at top with swirls of dark purple.

after we paid, she started driving me to my house to get stuff that i need.after i was ready, she drove me to harrys. "i dont want anything to..you know...happen. even if you are just "friends" you never know." she said pulling up infront of his house. "Oh my god that wont happen, stop worrying, i'll be fine." i sadi getting out and getting my stuff. "ok, just call or text me if anything happens, and i need to pick you up. ok?" she said. "ok mom." i said sarcastically. she laughed and soon enough i felt two arms wrap around me. "hey cupcake!" i reconized his voice. "hey curly!" i said looking up, meeting his emerald green eyes looking down at me." umm, im just gonna go now..." Dani said."but i swear to god harry if you lay a finger on her your dead. you hear me? Dont touch her. or i will find you and i will rip your-" "OK! dani calm down, how long have we known harry? almost our whole life, we can trust him. he wont do anything. right harry?" he hesitated, "um...sure." knowing how flirty and cheecky he is i knew he would say that."Dead. keep that in mind. "



hi! this is the start of a story iw rote on paper and gotten really far in so i thiught i wouls share it with you ^_^ anyways, i'll try to update it every other day, if not then the next day, if.. ya know.. homework and stuff. anyways like, comment, fan. I LOVE YOU


~janae(aka- 💚♬music_princess♬💚)


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