Is It worth it?

Brittany is a sixteen year old girl who is quite popular in high school. She is skinny, funny, pretty, and has absolutely no acne at all. But sometimes she thinks popularity is all she ever needs and, well, most of the time it gets out of hand. Brittany starts to get sucked into the world of drinking and smoking. You see, it makes her seem cool if she does these things including bullying. But sometimes she wonders if popularity is worth making people want to end their lives, terribly damaging her lungs, or doing something that is just down-right irresponsible.


3. Reunited


         Me and Christina slowly and shamefully walked to the principals office. Mr. Robertson didn't look too happy. I looked into Christina's rage-filled eyes. I kind of gasped when I realized I had given her a black eye and bloody nose. When I looked away I kind of evilly smirked because I have never been in a REAL fight before, and I have to say I didn't do too bad. Then again it was Christina, who slaps about as hard as a newborn baby (don't judge I don't know anything that doesn't really slap very hard) but those long nails of hers were a weapon so.. That was the only hard part. 

         Mr.Robertson guided us into his office. "Take a seat girls" he said. I tensed up as I sunk down into the cold leather chair. Mr.Robertson pursed his lips and said "I don't expect this kind of behavior from just a couple of young ladies.". I had the biggest migraine. "I'm sorry Mr.Rob, Brittany hit me first and I had to do something!" He folded his hands together "Well she had to have a reason to hit you in the first place, didn't she?" He asked looking towards me. I apologized and explained the whole thing to him and he gave me a long lecture. "You are lucky Ms.Reed (Christina) isn't seriously injured.... I am very disappointed because you are a great student that has had straight A's for 5 years in a row now!" He explained shaking his head. I could tell by Christina's face that she was so gonna tell the whole entire school about my grades and how great they were. If you are smart everybody thinks your a geek. God is being popular worth it? I snapped out of it as Mr.Robertson clapped his hands together and said "okay I'm sorry but I am going to have to call your girl's guardian "

        I was soon put in detention where this girl with a sweater, big blue glasses, and nappy hair caught my eye. She reminded me of Mia. I could have sworn that was her. Every time I made eye contact with her she quickly turned away. I scooted closer to her. "Hey umm do you happen to be Mia Cole?" I asked politely. She looked at me nervously "um yeah  Brittany Kingston?" She asked. When I replied with yes she looked at me very hurt. "I'm so sorry about what I did to you , I was stupid and 11 and it was a mistake I swear I never wanted to hurt there was just so much pressure." I was being completely honest with Mia. "I don't know what you are talking about," Mia said as bit her nails. I could tell she had some Serios trust issues. "I know you know what I'm talking about!" I told her. She sighed "It's no big deal it was so long ago and I do forgive you, I just don't trust you...... You are pretty and popular and your life is perfect, it is pretty much your job to make girls like me feel like shit!" She looked down at the floor and the quickly back up at me and said "excuse my language" I let out a little laugh from hearing innocent Mia use such the vocabulary. She smiled a little, she was a bit surprised from her language as well. "Listen meet me at lunch tomorrow and a couple days after that and I will probably let you have my phone number if I trust you." Mia said looking at me with her bright hazel eyes. I shook her cold hand and we made a deal. When I shook her hand I saw scars on her wrist. I didn't say anything, I was shocked.

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