Is It worth it?

Brittany is a sixteen year old girl who is quite popular in high school. She is skinny, funny, pretty, and has absolutely no acne at all. But sometimes she thinks popularity is all she ever needs and, well, most of the time it gets out of hand. Brittany starts to get sucked into the world of drinking and smoking. You see, it makes her seem cool if she does these things including bullying. But sometimes she wonders if popularity is worth making people want to end their lives, terribly damaging her lungs, or doing something that is just down-right irresponsible.


2. Girls are Viscious


             I woke up to the sound of breakfast sizzling on the skillet. My home life is extremely different and stress free from my school life. I got out of bed and walked in the kitchen. "Good morning sweetie!" My mom said putting my bacon and eggs on my plate. My mom had no idea how popular I was at school. "Yummy yummy yummy!" Screeched my 3-year-old sister getting eggs all over her bib. "That's right it is yummy!" I said in my baby voice that I only used for her. Nobody at school knew I loved my baby sister that much. But the truth is honestly, I would take a  bullett for her. Most popular people refuse to get along with siblings because they think they are so annoying. No one at school had to know that we got along so well. I sat down at the table and took a couple bites of bacon and eggs. Then when my mom wasn't looking, I through my plate away along with the food still on it. I love my moms food it is just that if anyone finds out I'm gaining weight, I will lose my reputation of having the best body in school. My mom looked back at my spot amazed. "How on earth did you eat all of that so fast?" My mom asked with her eyes as wide as can be. "WOAH would you look at the time I better not be late!" I said. I rushed off, took a shower,got dressed,did my make-up, and brushed my hair all in just 20 minutes. I am used to this because this is what I do every single day in just the same amount of time. I heard a beep outside of my house followed by my friend Christina yelling "YO BRITTANY HURRY UP WE ARE HERE". I took a quick look in the mirror and kissed my baby sister on the cheek

         I got in Christina's hot pink 1972 Chevy Nova. "So did you see Brandon hitting on you last week?" Said Christina. When I got in this car I was no longer the loving and caring big sister Brittany anymore. I was a person who doesn't care about anyone else but myself. "OMG you really think that hottie was flirting with me!?" I asked excitedly. Christina looked at me through the mirror " You are a hottie too girl! You guys were made for each other!" She said as if it was the most obvious thing ever. I could tell she was lying. She looked jealous. She has liked Brandon for the longest time. I knew she wasn't going to deal with this situation. She was soon to make me look like a piece of trash and I just knew it was coming.

           When arrived to school Christina took off her long coat that went down to her knees. She was wearing this super short dress that I wasn't sure was aloud in school. Now I was jealous due to her curvy hour-glass figure. My jaw dropped to the floor. "Uh honey it's fifty degrees outside.. Trust me you look cute but seriously?" I said. Honestly I thought she looked like a prostitute. Of course, she ignored me. With a flip of her hair she got Brandon's attention. He immediately started talking to her and complimenting her. While they were talking she turned around and and narrowed her eyes at me as if she were to say 'you mad?'. When you are popular, if you show your envy for someone you might as well kiss popularity goodbye. So I held it in.

      It was soon lunch time. Me and my friends would all sit at what is called 'the popular girl table' where we talk about girly stuff. I noticed  some of the girl who usually sit at our table were sitting somewhere else but I just figured they wanted to. I sat down next to Chritina who suddenly looked at me irratatedly. "Excuse me don't I sit here?" I asked with a nervous, awkward laugh. "This is now Brandon's seat." Said Christina. "Then where do I sit?" I asked. "Not here!" She said with a sassy head roll. "Uh well the other girls are going to sit her and I'm not sure Brandon wants to talk about the latest school gossip." I told her. "You are wrong, I replaced the girls with boys because girls cause too much Drama." She claimed. I really wanted to punch her. She is the one who causes the drama and she has the nerve to say that! How ridiculous! I stared at her with my hands bawled up in a fist. "What are you gonna cry?" She said in a toddler voice "oh poor baby!". I couldn't take it I grabbed her dr.pepper and tilted it over her head. Christina let out a little squeal and prepared for the dr.Pepper to come pouring on her head. I paused. The horrible memory of what  I did to Mia came into my head and it pretty much forced me to put the can down. Christina laughed "oh the baby is too scared to do it!". Just then I punched her so hard. I don't have a bad temper but this girl was getting on my nerves. "HOW DARE YOU?" She screamed. Soon we were throwing punches like there was no tomorrow while a crowded surrounded us. Two guys pulled us apart when the principal, Mr.Robertson, walked into the middle of the crowed. "I will need to see you two young ladies in my office" he said with a disappointed look on his face






















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