Coming back for you

16 year old Angie Falls Moves back to her home town going to England permanently (hopefully) where here long lost best friend lived Harry (Styles obviously) She was so happy to finally see him again after 10 years of being in Canada. Arriving there she met harry's four attractive friends: Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. And made some friends of her own Jasmine, Kaitlynn, Gwen And Marie who were As attractive as the guys ;). Sadly fir Angie Harry had his hands full with Leila a really nice girl that Angie soon becomes friends with She then realizes that she had feelings for Harry will this ever workout for her... :(


1. How it all started

 Hi my name's Angie Falls I have lived for almost my entire life in Canada a pretty boring place if you ask me. But i was born and almost raised in England. Where I met this boy Harry I use to be a pretty shy girl when was small but Harry changed that he changed me and I like how I turned out. I had friends A bunch of them if you ask me but unfortunatly My Parents decided to go back to England

-"You guys always want to ruin it for me huh the year's almost done and you want me to leave it all behind me..." I said as i got the news.

- "Well I'm sorry Angie but i though you were gonna be happy!" She exclamed  half angry half disappointed of my reaction.

-"Oh yeah suuure cause everyone wants to lose aaall of they're best friends on the last year of high school right before the freaking prom" I yelled sarcasticly to my mom.

-"Well you're not gonna lose all of you're friends" She mentioned with this smile on her mouth.

-"What are you talking about I don't know anyone there?" I asked still sounding angry with a hint of curiosity in my stare

-"Well we're are moving right next to you're old buddy's house!" She mentioned all exited.

-"Old buddy?" I whispered to myself

-"OMG!!! HARRY?! Omigod I missed him soo much!" I Screamed jumping up and down all excited

-"Wait we are talking about Harry right?" I asked instantly turning serious.

-"Yup!" she said popping the "p" 

-"Yay" I squealed out

-"omigod I haave to text him...and snapchat him...and send him an email and maybe facebook message him... oh heck I'll just do it all!" I said running to my phone all excited"


Hey! Harry guess what?

Harry: What? :)

I said GUESS!!! :D

Harry: Ummmm U finally noticed that I was blindingly Sexayy ;*

Haha no thats not it :P

Harry: Ur secretly an alien from the planet Mars who came on earth to ruin us all :O

Yup! Yes thats It was it that obvious ;O

Harry: yees ;)

whatevs its not that :)

Harry: ...

I'm moving back silly :D

Harry: ... Thats not funny...You know  I actually believed you for a sec XD

It's not a joke -_-

Harry: OMG! really :D


Harry: HA HA HA very funny...

ok fine I'm done teasing you I'm moving back (yay!) :D

Harry: Yippy! teehee ;*

You have no idea how gay that sounded in my mind XD

Harry: actually that was kinda the idea

Ok well baii gots to go eat the horrible riice DX

Harry: LMAO Baiis my love <3 :*

<3 ;P


So now that he knows. I can finally go pack instead of eating my rice yeah England!

I was so excited packing my stuff that I forgot I had school on the next day... Of course School ruins it all yet again.

well i packed most of my clothing so I Chose what I should wear for tomorrow at the instant I'll wear a Teal crop top with my favorite tie dyed leggings. Can't wait to tell all of my... oh shoot!... Friends...

I can't sleep I have a bunch of emotions running threw me I was excited, happy, sad and mad 

excited and happy to be finally able to see Harry after all of these years in person and sad to leave my friends on such short notice and mad that my mom did not tell me sooner. 


So I'm moving to England on this weekend damn I wish I knew sooner. But obviously my mom wanted to surprise me on thursday I only got one damn day to say bye to all of my friends.

GOD I need to sleep it's already two in the morning and I can't get to sleep. so I close my eyes for a while hopping I will get enough sleep for tomorrow.


Hey I have no Idea if anyone at all will read this but hopefully someone will.

and if you do read this please tell me in the comments if you like me i'll probably update on Wednesday or tomorrow but yeah i'm sorry if this chapter was a little short and yeah thanks for taking you're time reading love you all :*




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