Bad Boy Changed Me~ (Zayn Malik)

Jennifer Anderson, was the sweetest and caring girl that you can ever meet. She had good grades, and good reputation in school. That was until she met a boy name Zayn Malik. He was known as the Bradford bad-boy, that had bad grades, and a really bad reputation, and he's also in a gang. Zayn showed Jennifer all about his gang, and she didn't care about it. Zayn never was in love before, but when he meets her, he starts to have feelings for her, and she does too. Will Zayn dump her like the res?? Or will he keep her??


2. Talking To Him

Jennifer's POV:

Ugh! Mr. Smith is so boring! I'm totally not into Social Studies.. But at least this morning was alright. I'm done with third period, now I'm heading to LUNCH. Than I see EMMA coming!

"Hey girl! Ready for lunch?" She asked excited, wonder why.

"Yes, I totally hate Mr. Smith, he's boring" I said with a I-totally-hate-him look.

"I know right! He's so fucking boring, like c'mon, there's more teachers that are better than him" she said.

So we got lunch, and I was going to a table when-

"Hey beautiful, where are you siting at?" Zayn asked with a smile. Why does he keep saying that????

"I'm sitting over there" I said pointing at the table "next to Emma" I said smiling, I saw Emma giving me a hurry-up look

"Alright, than I'll see you later gorgeous" he said with a big smirk on his face. I nodded and headed towards Emma.

"I saw you were talking to Zayn" she said, is she mad??

" Y-yes" why was I nervous??

"Jennifer, you should stay away from him, he's not good news" she said with a really serious look.

"Why do you say that??" I asked confuse

"You can see it in his face, he has that dangerous look. He's also in this gang called 'The Guardians', and he's the leader. Worst, he killed people before, and he probably still does. I'm warning you Jennifer, he's no good for you. Once he has a girl in his hand, he'll do whatever he wants with her, and if he gets tired of her, he'll dump her." I looked at her worriedly, the last sentence hurt me a lot, but why would I be worried, I don't like him, I barely know him, actually I don't know him at all!

"Don't worry Emma I won't let him even try something with me, but how you know it's true?" I asked her

"Just look at him, look at his friends, how he acts" I looked at Zayn, he's with some other boys, he did look dangerous. He saw me staring at him and smirked, than wink. I looked away, and blushed. I turned back to Emma. "you see what I'm talking about, and not only because of that, once, I saw him him selling drugs to this boy. And than this other time, he was on this huge fight" I just looked at her, with no expression, it sounds very scary what she said.

"Alright, I'll try to stay away from him, even tho I have classes with him. But he didn't seem bad when he talked to me, will not yet" I looked down

"Just don't be mean to him, because he's the most popular guy in the school, he rules it" she said, I just nodded.

"Will anyways, do you wanna be my Best Friend??" Emma said with a big smile, I smiled back.

"Of course Emma!" I hugged her

"Actually, your my sister" she said and we laughed

"Will see you at the bus sis! bye!" she hugged me and I nodded.


Finally! Out of school!! Yes!!! I saw Emma!! We talked till we got to our stop, we said our good byes and headed home. I was hearing music till I felt a pair of arms around my waist. I looked back and it was ZAYN. Why is he hugging me??

"Hey babe, glad to know that we're neighbors" he smiled and wink.

"Me too I guess" I looked down

"Will don't be shy beautiful, I'll like to know you better" he stroke a piece if my hair

"I got to go, I'll see you in school" I said, I was about to leave when someone grabbed my waist and turned me around.

"Where do you think your going?" Zayn said with a big smirk

"I w-was going h-home" I said to him looking at him, he's getting me nervous.

"Not yet, babe" he said. What does he mean by not yet?

"What d-do you mean?" I asked confuse. He just smirked, I'm getting pissed.

"I want to talk to you first, gorgeous" he smiled.

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked

"You" he said. Me?

"What i-is it?" I asked nervously.

"What were you and Emma talking about?" he asked

"We were t-talking about s-school" I looked down, I'm nervous, but why? I'm saying the truth, but not all of it.

"Don't lie to me Jennifer" he raise his voice, he looked kind of mad.

"I'm not lying, it's truth, we were talking about school" I said to him

"What else, were y'all talking about?" he said looking at me in my eyes.

"How p-people act in s-school" I said

"Were y'all talking about me?" he raised an eyebrow. why is he asking a lot of questions??

"I have to go-" he interrupted me

"Answer the question" he said

"Y-yes" I looked down

"What did she said about me?"

"I really need to go so-" he interrupted me again.

"I'll let you go, till you answer my questions" he said

"She just said that you rule the school, and that your in a gang, and your bad" I just play with my fingers

"Do you think I'm bad?" he asked

"I don't know, you look like you are" I said looking at him. He just smirk

"Can I leave now?" I asked. why am I asking??

"Sure babe, I'll see you later beautiful" he kissed my cheek and wink. I blushed and looked down, and started to walk home.

Zayn's POV:

I just finished talking to Jennifer.

But damn she's beautiful! she's so cute when she blushes. When I kissed her cheek I felt something weird in my stomach. I can't start have feelings for her, she's just a girl.

"Hey man!" Liam said

"Sup!" I replied

"I saw you were talking to Jennifer, the new girl" he said smiling

"Yeah, I just finished talking to her" I smiled back remembering the conversation.

"She's hot as hell! you should see that cake!" he said

"Haha yeah, she is. But back off" I said joking

"That's not fair, I wanna try some too!" he said, I just rolled my eyes.

"Never!" I said, than lightly punch him in his arm

"She seems cool, but doesn't seem like the rest of the girls" he said

"Yeah, she's not, she's sweet, kind, and beautiful. I wouldn't hurt" I said

"Someone is falling in love" he said rubbing my hair. I got red.

"don't touch my hair, and nah, I don't fall in love, and you know that" I said looking at him, with a evil look.

"Suuure! whatever you say love bird." He said

"Will I got to go, see ya later." I smack him

"What was that for??" He said rubbing his head, I just rolled my eyes.

"See ya!" I said

"Ight, see ya later man!" He said

Got home and got a lot of messages. I don't feel like replying. I just lay down thinking. Don't wait to see Jennifer again, I bet I scared her. Love when she gets nervous, feel like hugging her. But have to be careful, I don't want her to get hurt, because of rebels ( their enemies). I'll protect her.

Jennifer's POV:

Finally home!

"Hey mom! I'm home" I yelled so she can hear me.

"Hey hun, how was school?" she said

"It was great! I have a new best friend!" I said with a big smile.

"That's great!" she hugged me

"Mom, I'm gonna rest" I said heading to my room

"Alright hun, I'll tell you when dinner is ready"

"Ok" I said and slept


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