This is about a girl named Sophie who's 19 and lives in america with her dad. Her mum past away from a car crash 3 years ago.
She goes to her boy best friend jakes party were she meets a boy named Justin. She has never been in love before and she doesn't plan on being in love anytime soon but will Justin change that?


1. about me

Hey my name is Sophie sparks am 19 years old and i live with my dad in America LA. I love my dad i would do anything for him he has been so strong for me evan though i know he cries himself to asleep of a night. My mum died in a car crash 3 years ago and me and my dad have note quite got over it yet.

Me and my mum were really close i use to tell her everything she was my best friend and i just feel so empty inside without her. When she passed away i knew i couldn't let anybody get to close to me. I only have 4 friends now because i pushed the rest away. There names are: jake, Alexandra but everybody calls her Alex and Demi and Sean.

I am a short girl with long brown hair that goes to my waist, i have big greens eyes, and naturally tanned from my fathers side. I have curves but in all the right places.

Me and my dad are not rich but we are not poor we are just okay if i want something i work for it myself with the job i have as a assistant in a radio station.


I really hope you enjoy this book. Please comment on what you think. Thanks x

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