Shining in the dark

A poem about sadness and happiness!


1. Shining in the dark


There will always be a day
When you will feel like giving up
When your world will appear dark
When tears will replace your smile


But only you can choose the way it can go
Just stop for a while and close your eyes
Take the decision to put an end to your sorrow
Watch it go away and say goodbye


Eyes closed, empty your mind
Can you feel the little sparkle slightly growing?
Don't let it fade away
Because that little sparkle is the key


Happiness will always find a way
To reach your side sooner or later
Once it reaches you, don't let it walk away
Keep it with you as you grow older


There will always come a day
When you will feel like standing back up
When you will see the light shining in the dark
When happiness will replace sadness

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