Matt and Raelyn have been friends for 7 years. But when Matt introduces her to the rest of the Magcon boys will she fall for one if them or Matt??


1. Chapter 1

--Matt's POV--

I grabbed my phone and texted Raelyn. I call her Rae for short. I asked her if she wanted to hang later. We have been bestfriends since we were like 9 years old. I tell her everything and she does the same. My phone buzzed there was a text from her.


I told her I would pick her up at 6 and she said okay.

//////////////3 Hours Later\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I honked my horn to tell her that i was here and she quickly ran outside. She looked beautiful. I kinda like her more than a friend but I don't wanna tell her. She had sweats on and a Magcon hoodie I got her for Christmas. I opened her door for her. "Well aren't you just a little gentleman?" She said sarcastically. "I try" I said with a smile. She turned on the radio and Say Something came on. She started singing. "You have a beautiful voice!" I said as I looked at her. "Thanks!" She said with a smile. "So I was thinking that maybe you could meet the Magcon guys tomorrow?" I said as I kept my eyes on the road but glanced at her. She practically had a spaz attack. She has been wanting to meet them for about 3 months now. I pulled into the movie theatre parking lot. They weren't as packed as I thought they would be on a Friday night. I found a parking place and pulled in. We got out and walked up to the box office. "Two tickets for The Conjuring please." I said as the man typed something in on a screen. He handed me the tickets and then we walked into the building. "I'll get the popcorn and stuff, you just go get us seats." I said as I handed Rae the tickets.

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