My Boo [ON HOLD]

I'm Kayla Martina. I've lived in London for most of my life but I just recently moved to Chino Hills. As we began to unpack I kept hearing that voice. I was automatically attracted. Who is it? Will there be a relationship? What is he like? Find out in "My Boo".


2. Never Say Never

I woke to the song, Match Into Water by Pierce the Veil blaring out my phone speaker. Yeah, even though i seem all goody too shoes doesn't mean I like 1 Direction or Justin Bieber. I mean don't get me wrong Justin *fake barfs* sometimes has good music and 1D has some some songs but I like music with meaning. Not just about the money or the fame or the ladies. I like it to have feeling. So I sometimes listen to post-hardcore music. No biggie. Annnyyyyways, I got up out of my bed and ran the shower. I let warm water run down my body and rush down the drain. After i got out i ran back to my room and pulled out some clothes. They looked like this:

[If you cant see it, it is a blue dress with some nude pumps] I walked down the stairs to open the door. I then saw Justin in a black v-neck and sone red supras. He looked really fit, the way the v-neck fit him. Don't get me wrong Justin was SUPER hot but his attitude threw that all out the window.

K: Hey, um I'll go get Chaz. Come in and make yourself at home. 

He just stayed silent and walked in. I ran upstairs and told Chaz that Justin was here. I then went back down stairs to keep Justin company. As soon as I walked down stairs saw Justin checking me out. I scoffed and went to sit down when Justin blocked me. He flared his award-winning smile and said, "Damn baby, I never knew you had such an amazing body."I rolled my eyes and moved from his grip. Chaz then came down and started to stuff his bag. Man was I going to miss him. 

J: "Hey Kayla, whats are you doing? Why aren't you packing?"

K:" What do you mean? I'm staying here."

J: "Oh, Chaz didn't tell you. He's staying with me for the rest of the year and I heard you liked to dance sooooo. I am hiring you as my new choreographer! That means that you have to be with me!"

He smired as I felt my smile getting bigger and bigger! I was going to be on stage with him doing my moves. I was going to be seen. The only bad thing that is happening is that I have to spend time with Justin and we have to dace together.. Ewww, just thinking about it makes me nauseous! But how could i resist this offer. What should I do? Should I take the offer? Or stay here by myself. I mean I am the most popular girl at school! I wouldn't be alone. Ugh what should i do?











Find out next time!!!! 


[A/N: I'll update soon! I'm having writers block! hope you enjoy so far! If you have any ideas on what should happen please tell me! Thank you guys for the likes and stuff! Love you all!

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