My Boo [ON HOLD]

I'm Kayla Martina. I've lived in London for most of my life but I just recently moved to Chino Hills. As we began to unpack I kept hearing that voice. I was automatically attracted. Who is it? Will there be a relationship? What is he like? Find out in "My Boo".


6. All That Matters

Kayla's P.O.V.

I woke up to an empty bed. I rubbed my eyes and tried to adjust to the light when I heard a soft knock at the door.


K:"It's open." I whispered


They walked in the room. It was Justin and he was holding a tray filled with delicious looking food. I hope that he was going to eat some of that too!


J:" Morning babe! I made you some breakfast in bed. I hope you like it!"

K:"Babe I love it! Thank you so much, but could you please eat some of this too."

J:"Sure babe."


We tore up the food. After we ate, I went to go to the bathroom when I felt Justin wrap his arms around my waist. I turned around to see him smirking at me. I kissed him and pushed him onto the bed. I kissed him and kissed down his jaw line to his neck. I then took off his shirt while little moans escaped his lips. I kept kissing him down to his v-line. I then looked up at him and he looked down at me. I went back to his lips.


K:"Close your eyes babe and enjoy the ride."


I then pulled off his pants and his buldge grew bigger. I kissed up and down his V-line and looked at the door. I sprinted to the living room and hid in the pantry. I then heard my name being screamed from my room and loud stomps in my directions. After a few seconds the pantry door swung open and it was Alfredo. 


A:*whispered* "Kayla, run while you still can Justin's gonna...


Just then Justin came in and locked eyes with me. He sprinted for me in only his boxers. I went on one side of the kitchen table and Justin was on the other. 


J:"You can't hide or run, matter of fact. I'll get you before you even notice. HAHAHAHA"


He then crouched down and I had no idea where he was. I got scared when I felt something brush past my leg. I tried to run but Justin lifted me up and threw me on the couch. He started to tickle me and I started laughing like crazy.


J:"Oh so you think it's funny to tease me. Your such a tease just being yourself. Did you really think that you could get away with this?


I nodded my head and we both laughed. I then straddled Justin and started to tickle him, but I failed in doing so because Justin flexed his abs and held in his stomach. I made a pouty face and climbed off of Justin. I then ran to my bathroom and took a shower. I then changed into this:

with this hair style:

My outfit is a burgundy heart-shaped shirt and some black leather pants with some cream shoes and some white bows in my hair. And my hair was braided back with my face showing. I then put on some concealer, mascara, and some eyeliner. I then put on some baby lips and went up Justin only to find Justin playing the Xbox. I sat down next to him and kissed him on the cheek and he paused the game.


J:"We have an important day today. Scooter called and told me that we had another rehearsal an hour before the show."

K:"Ok. What time do we have to be ready by?"

J:"6:00 at night, so we have time. Oh, that reminds me! I planed a whole day for you because this is the first time that we are performing together."

K:"Ok. Lets GO!"


We held hands and skipped to the car. Justin took two hoodies from the back of his truck and gave one to me and himself. He then gave me some sunglasses and put some over his eyes. We ran into the mall and went shopping. After about 2 hours of shopping Justin ran over to Tiffany's and told me to wait outside. I was wondering what was going on. What was he going to buy? I got pulled over by 2 girls who knew that I knew Justin Bieber. They asked me if he was here. Just as I was going to answer Justin came out the store. The girls started freaking out and took some pictures with Justin. After a few pictures we said goodbye to the girls and ran to the car. 



A Few Hours Later



We pulled up to the arena and started to rehearse. I sat in the crowd and watched Justin perform his songs until it was almost showtime. I got in my costume and it looked like this:

I wore this on for the entrance. Once OLLG came on I got pulled out on the chair. I was so shocked and then Justin got on one knee and gave me a golden proise ring I was so shocked.

J:"Kayla will you please do me the honor of being mine. This promise ring will show you that I will be with you forever. Do you accept this ring?"

K:"Yes, I will Justin."


We hugged and then the concert was over. I had a great time tonight. By the time we reached the tour bus I was sound asleep with a smile on my face. 

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