That's Life *ON HOLD*

Brielle is just a normal girl, she faces all the ups and downs of life. She's not the most popular kid at school, she has a massive crush, and of course Breille has a frenemy. She and her friends have has enough of new girl of the group, Opal, but what will happen when Opal pushes Breille to her limits?
Read on to find out!


13. Tracking Time

Brielle's POV

I woke up at eight o'clock to my alarm beeping loudly on my bedside table. Looking to the airbed on the floor, I noticed that Lucy wasn't there. Where is she? I thought to myself.

"The concert is TODAY!!" a scream in my ear made me jump out of my skin. It was, of course, a very excited Lucy, already washed and dressed with soaking hair.

"Wow! Ok, that was deafening." I said in a croaky morning voice, "How long have you been up for?" squinting towards her, I saw a grin appear on her face. This child is too happy in the morning.

"Since about seven, and long enough to know that you have a text from Peter!" she winked, as she leaned over me letting water from her hair drip onto my face.

"Eugh, get your hair away from me or else I will hide all of your make-up." I threatened feebly, "And pass me my phone." Lucy rolled her eyes dramatically and reached for my blue iPhone. Waving it in my face she taunted, "What's the magic word?" I stared at her, probably looking like a brain dead zombie, "Niall Horan."

Chucking the phone in my face, she clapped her hands quickly and let out a squeal, "Yay! You know me too well, my friend." Then she skipped off to most likely get something to eat, she would eat anybody out of house and home!

I unlocked my phone, wondering what Peter's text was about.

P: Hey did you say you would give us a lift to the concert?

I felt confused by what he said, he was the one I offered the lift to! As I was trying to figure out the meaning of it, another text appeared.

P: Btw this is Sarah, I may have stolen Peter's phone! Lol :)

Now it made sense, I silently laughed to myself as I typed a reply.

B: Haha, was confused for a min! Yeah, if u need a lift I have space in my car :)

S: That wud be gr8. Mum was gonna drive us, but if ur going it wud b better. Thx :)

B: K, c ya about 1:00pm then?

S: Sure. We shud hang out b4 the concert tho :D

B: Sounds good. The gardens in the park?

S: Yep. I'll tell Peter and we'll meet u outside in 15mins, k?

B: Okey dokey! Bye :)

S: Bye :D

"LUCY!!" I yelled down the stairs, I wouldn't be disturbing my parents as they were visting friends in Dublin for the weekend.

They trusted me in the house because they knew I wasn't the type of girl who was going to throw a party or anything; I don't like discos or large amounts of people but Sophie is always begging me to come to discos with her even though she knows that my answer every time will be no. In fact I was surprised that I agreed to go to a concert where there will be loads of loud screaming fans, even though it was my utmost favourite band.

"Yeah? This better be good, you're interrupting my breakfast." she shouted back to me.

"It is. We're going to the park with Sarah and Peter in fifteen minutes." I threw the duvet off, exposing my legs to the air. I tugged the hem of my pyjama shorts in an attempt to keep my legs warm but to no avail, at least it was summer.

"Well, you had best be getting out of bed then, you lazy poo." Lucy hollered at me.

"Oh sugar!" I grabbed underwear, a pair of black leggings and a tie-dye top from my wardrobe before sprinting to the bathroom. I let the water warm up as I got towel and bathmat out of the cupboard, before hopping into the shower. I stood underneath the spray of water for while with my eyes closed before quickly washing my hair and body and climbing out. Rubbing myself dry, I wrapped my hair in one of those towel turban things and got dressed.


I finished drying my hair straight with the hair dryer and clipped the front back, then flew down the stairs to get food. My stomach was literally growling as I poured a bowl of Coco Pops for myself and sat down at the table next to Lulu who had already had a bowl of cereal and two rounds of toast and was now staring at her phone.

"So what did Peter want?" she asked, saying 'Peter' in a sing song voice. "Turns out it wasn't Peter." I shrugged. Lucy looked up in shock, "Who was it then? What other Peters do you know? I'm pretty sure the lock screen said Peter and if you know more than one Peter then surely you would add their surname to the contact, right?" she gazed at me in confusion.

"It wasn't Peter. It was Sarah." I tried to keep a straight face, before I burst out laughing at the look on Lucy's face. "Y-You should h-have seen the l-look on y-your face!" I gasped as I tried to get my breath back. A small smile grew on her face, "Ok, ok." Lucy put her hands up in surrender, "But for the record, you still need to brush your teeth and put your shoes on, 'cause they're waiting outside." she pointed out the window beside the front door.

"Why are you always ready before me?" I scowled jokingly, before leaping out of my chair and rushing back upstairs.

Sarah's POV

"PETER! Hurry up!" I stood outside his bedroom, as he took all the time in the world getting ready. I racked my brains for something that would get him moving, suddenly I had an idea. "Brielle and her friend are waiting outside." I tried again, knocking on his door. The door quickly opened and Peter pushed past me, fixing his hair with his fingers and tugging his shirt over his head.

"How long have they been waiting?" he said, a worried expression on his face. I decided to keep him going, "Oh, I don't know. About ten minutes maybe?" Shrugging my shoulders I walked back into my room. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open, "Well come on then!" he urged.

"Did I forget something? Oh yeah, I was saying that to hurry you up, dummy!" I playfully slapped his arm, before pulling on a pair of Doctor Martins. Peter gave me the evil eye, "I hate you!" he joked, shoving my gently, and returned to his room.

"Hey! That doesn't mean you can just saunter back into there! You have three minutes before we're expected outside!" I grumbled after him.

"Yeah, I'm just putting on something nicer, since somebody didn't give me time to put my jumper on." he replied as the door was closed in my face.


(Sarah's outfit )

(Brielle's outfit )

(Lucy's outfit )

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