That's Life *ON HOLD*

Brielle is just a normal girl, she faces all the ups and downs of life. She's not the most popular kid at school, she has a massive crush, and of course Breille has a frenemy. She and her friends have has enough of new girl of the group, Opal, but what will happen when Opal pushes Breille to her limits?
Read on to find out!


9. School's Out!

Brielle's POV

I pushed the earphones into my ears and listened as the starting chords of Don't Forget Where You Belong played through my head. My feet walked to the rhythm as I hummed along, making my way to the bus stop.

Today was the last day of school, so much happened this year. There had been a Spanish exchange which Lucy was involved in, the rebellion against Opal, my feet had grown AGAIN and where now a size 9 (somebody help me please), Lucy, Natasha, Sophie, Emily and I had found a nice, spacious, 5 bedroom house and were going to be moving in and the end of next week together, and tomorrow Lucy and I were going to the One Direction concert! Yay!

I reached the bus stop just as the bus came into view. Mentally reminding myself not to be thus late next year, I flashed my bus pass at the driver and headed to my usual seat.

Emily was already sitting in her seat wearing black skinny jeans, a white vest top and a red and black checked jacket with black leather sleeves, accessorised with one of those owl necklaces. Slightly strange, I know, but don't question Em's fashion, she makes it look good.

(*AN Emily's outfit )

I was wearing denim shorts with black tights and a cream lace belly top along with turquoise blue feather earrings.

(*AN Brielle's outfit )

"Hey!" I greeted Emily with a wave. She turned from looking out of the window and grinned, "Brielle, how the heck do you manage to make such a simple outfit look so damn amazing?!" I stared down at my shoes to hide the blush creeping across my cheeks, "Really? 'amazing'?" I gave her a disbelieving glance, "I literally got dressed with my eyes closed this morning I was so flipping tired!" Exclaiming loudly, brought my head back up to look at her. "Awk! Don't put yourself down, you're beautiful!" She smiled widely, dragging on the 'beautiful'.

Rolling my eyes, I held the other earphone out to her and we passed the bus journey listening to my random assortment of music.


"I feel like we should do something after school today!" Sophie proclaimed in an earsplittingly loud voice. "Really, love?!" replied Natasha, twirling her Eiffel Tower necklace around her slim fingers. "Yup. Maybe shopping or something?" Sophie questioned us as she dropped her blue floral bag outside her first class.

(Natasha's outfit )

(Sophie's outfit )

Lucy began jumping up and down in excitement, "We should go to an animal rescue centre and get a puppy or a kitten or something!! Please, please, please?" her crazy face fell as the hair bow she was wearing plummeted off of her head.

(Lucy's outfit )

As Lucy bent down to retrieve it, I signalled to the others to pretend to say no to the idea. I guess I'm a little bit of a prankster, hehehe!

They all smiled and nodded their heads, showing they understood my gameplan. When Lucy stood back up, I gave her a really serious look, "Lulu, I don't think we should get a pet, I mean does the building even allow pets?" I glanced at Natasha, who quickly shook her head. "I don't think so, sorry Lu." she shrugged sadly.

Then Sophie ruined it. "Ignore them. WE'RE GONNA GET A PUPPY!!!" she screamed in the middle of the corridor, earning her several annoyed looks from students and teachers walking past us.


Sophie's POV

I know Brielle said to trick Lucy, but the cuteness of her little puppy dog face was just overpowering and I couldn't continue.

"Ignore them. WE'RE GONNA GET A PUPPY!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, forgetting that we were in the middle of school, teachers and pupils walking about. I immediately shut my mouth and hung my head in shame.

Lucy hugged me tightly and I could see tears of happiness forming in her bright blue eyes. "Lucy, dear, do you make it your mission to cry at everything?" I chuckled jokingly. She finally let me out of her air-restricting embrace and smiled up at me (meh. I'm quite tall), she laughed and went along with it, "Yes, so far I have accomplishes the majority of my goal!"

"Oh!" Brielle gasped to herself, "I've just remembered, what about one of Milly's grandchildren?!"  a massive grin broke out on her face, "Nina, the really dark ginger pup from 2013, had a second litter last week. I've been to see them with my mum and there's five; two boys and three girls."

"Yes! We need a baby Nina!" I shoved my hand in the air to get their attention. "I mean, it's almost like a sign, ya know? We get our apartment together, Lucy suggests a pet and your dog's daughter has had puppies recently?" They all nodded in agreement, "They'll be ready to go in the middle of August, so it can be an early birthday present for me, but don't worry guys, I'll help pay for it."

I quickly did a happy dance, then gave them the peace sign before strutting off to my first class. Oh, yay. Biology, my favourite subject. Please note the sarcasm.

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