The Merlin, The Damien and The Chest

I present to you!

My science homework, enjoy.


1. The Merlin, The Damien and The Chest

A long time ago in Camelot, while King Arthur was out hunting, Merlin discovered a way to turn the beings that make light, which he called Photons, follow one another, he called this new stream of light a Laser, however, he discovered, that unlike the usual beams of light, he couldn’t turn different part of the laser different colours, all parts of the laser had continuously remained the same colour, no matter what he tried! But that was no matter, for he also discovered that the “Laser” had many uses! Such as;
1) An energy weapon, it destroyed anything he threw at it!
2) A Dazzler, He tried it out on a servant, he wasn’t able to see for hours!
3) An Aiming Guide, he used it on a crossbow, it helped him hit every target. He just had to line up the arrow with the laser point which was on the Bull’s-eye!
4) It helped the builders with finishing the Castle, it made sure that all the tiles and bricks were level!
5) Entertainment, King Arthur was most amused by the light show Merlin put on using them!
Twenty years later, Arthur was dead and Camelot had fallen, only Merlin survived, but he too was on his deathbed, so taking a chest full of his works and a shovel, he buried his life works in the ruins of Camelot, where it remained, undisturbed for two and a half thousand years.

Skip to that time and you’ll find Camelot being uncovered, all this was headed by the Government, but the man who was the head of the excavation, was called Jason Leondi, this man isn’t the one we want, but close, look down, a bit more, a biiiiiiit more, Come on a bit more, now go really far left, Too Far! Bit to the right, bit more, biiiiiiit more, there you go! Now look up, really far, really, reaaaallllllllllly far, see the top of that tree? You see that person in the magician outfit? That one! Yes his name is Damien Leondi, you know that other guy, Jason? He’s the older Cough more successful Cough brother, Damien is a Fully Capable Magician, and in his spare time he’s also a science teacher. Right now, though, he’s trying to get his hat back. Now there you go! Oh! Ow, Oooh! Jesus! Yep! That’s him, well at least he got his hat back, even if he did fall down the entirety of the tree.
Oh? What’s that? It appears Jason has found something, doesn’t that look familiar? Camelot insignia, but with crossed wands instead of crossed swords, that’s Merlin’s! Hm? Oh, Looks like Jason was wanting something else, Damien! What are you-Phew! Made it back to the forest with the Chest, that’s right, alright now to take it home and analyse the content!
Well, after a near disaster or two, Damien finally made his way home, where he opened the chest and began to sift through the content, he found many spells, one of which was Merlin’s Laser spell! He tried it out, but was unhappy with what it was, a measly laser. Frustrated, Damien packed up the chest and put it away in his closet, where he put on a CD, it was a Katy Perry one, nothing fancy, and then he sat down on his bed, with his spellbook, not considering the wonders of lasers! For instance the CD;
It contains millions of microscopic pits and dots in a spiral, the pattern of them contains the information, and the laser then bounces off of the reflective surface and transits the information as binary.
Any change in the amount of light reflected is a 1
No change in the amount of light reflected is a 0
Yet Damien was unaware of this event, as a science teacher he knew all about this, but took it for granted, as most people do, so, up in the heavens where Camelot still stands as a heaven for all the Kings and Queens of England, Merlin looked down on his chest of futuristic knowledge and olden time wisdom with a heavy heart, for now, his knowledge was known throughout the globe, but taken for granted and his wisdom was advice given but not taken heed of.

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