If i die

"please dont die please I love you dont leave me please" There she sat, with tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes were all red and there in front of her, down to earth was the only one who really loved her.


2. why everything is quiet

it was a early morning than Jinn stand up that was a normal mornign but that was somhting wrong but she could not say what sow she thing it not was important sow she go out door an there came it back again could she fell somthing was wrong again but again could she not say what so she went on but when she reached the park came that felling again an than she see it there was no people no animals an all was so quiet the only thing you could hear was the wind blowing in the trees why was all sow quiet she could don't understand it and then suddenly she began to fall, she had not gone into a hole she just fell into a black hole

she sit up into her bed it was a dream OMG but what did it mean? did it mean anything at all she let she fall down to the bed again but she could not sleep 

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