Isabella digory-harry potter fanfic

Isabella Digory, Cedric Digorys little sister may be the most powerful witch out there.
Harry Potter fanfic


1. Hogwarts

First year. That's all that is on my mind, ever since I got my exceptance letter into Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry I can't stop thinking about it.

"Isabella Digory" my mother called "everybody is waiting get your ass downstairs or we are going to diagon alley with out you" she called "I'm coming" I shouted as I picked up my coat. I have never really been into robes before I prefer to wear muggle clothes no matter how many funny looks I get. " I swear you were ment for a muggle family" my mum said as I approached the fire place. " what are you wearing bill" Cedric wined. Cedric is my older brother he is going into 4th year and thinks he is everything as if. " what are you wearing bill" I mocked Cedric had always called me bill as he could never say belle when he was little. "Stop fighting kids" dad said as he strolled in " I thought you weren't coming " I asked dad " I'm not, I'm going to met lupin in diagon alley" dad said.

"Isabella did you just hear what I said" mum said waving her hand in my face. You see after dad left to go and meet lupin mum started rambling about what we were going to do this afternoon. "Huh" I said just in time molly weasly spotted mum and came to say hello " hi Molly how is Arthur" mum asked they started having a conversation about Hogwarts and life in the ministry and blah when Cedric elbowed me "ow dummy" I said brushing my arm " oh I'm sorry bill" Cedric said sticking his tongue out " your 14 stop acting like a baby ceddy" I said by this time Percy, Fred, George, Ron and ginny were staring at us. "At least I wear robes" Cedric sneered "well at least I don't act like a know it all, everybody knows you failed potions last year" I said sticking my tongue out as Cedric elbowed me again " quit it" I said " anyway have a nice summer ginny" we have known the weaslys all of our life my mum and dad went to school with Molly and Arthur. " it was good played lots of quidich, I can't believe your starting Hogwarts without me" she said " I know but when you get there next year we will have to stay together all of the time" I said "Isabella I'm going to take Cedric to get some of his school stuff as some of it he will have no idea where to get it from you go with ginny don't get into too much trouble and meet back here in 2 hours okay dear" mum said " see you then" I called as me and ginny walked to gringotts

After we had got some money out of my bank we got my robes (hate those) got my books, my cauldron and ingredients I picked up an owl (white with gold wing feathers) named her sky and we headed over to olivanders. I opened the door and was met with a dark musky shop when a man popped out, "ah miss digory I wondered when I would see you here shall we start you off with a 10 inch dragon heart string" I carefully picked up the wand and pinted it at the books and gave it a flick this caused the books to fly in all directions. Olivander took the wand out of my hand and reached for another "ah yes 11 and a half inches" I picked up this wand and give it a little flick this cause the old books to explode before my eyes " I'm so sorry" I said " it's fine nothing magic can't fix" olivander shouted. "Hmm I have one, a one of a kind I never knew who's it was going to be but it seems you might like This one, follow me" he said I left ginny waiting outside as I followed him further into the shop. He flicked his wand at a book shelf and it opened and let us through to a little room in the corner there was a locked safe. Olivander produced a key from his pocket and unlocked it, inside was only one wand he pulled it out and gave it to me fire started coming out of the end not scary fire. Powerful fire at this point I knew this was the one. I put it in its box and walked to the counter to pay for it. "11 and a quarter inches, oak, unicorn hair, Maine not tail, I have never seen one like this " I got my Money out and paid for it and walked back over to where mum was and started talking to Ron about Hogwarts gosh this was going to be a life changing year.

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