Trying again

Sorry I changed the title but I just liked her and Jonathan together way too much. I didn't want her to cheat. So it's going to be about Ainsley trying love over again with Jonathan. Earning trust again. And safety.


4. chapter 4

"You sure you want to go with me?" I said buckling my shorts back up and straightening my t-shirt.

"Of course. I'm not letting you out of my site looking like that." He emphasized the work that as he motioned to my body. I smiled and pushed him a little, laughing. He came back, wrapping his arms around my waist as we made our way to the grocery store.

Jonathan kept his hand on my back and moved it down to my ass, giving it a squeeze. I laugh and slap his arm. "Stop It Jonathan. We're in public." I laugh.

He rests his hand back on my butt and smirks in my ear. "If you didn't like it you would move." He whispered. I go bright red and smile. I grab everything on my list an head to check out. the clerk noticed Jonathan's hand and smirked. The clerk looked me up and down and mouthed to Jonathan "nice job" and me and him walked out.

"Thanks for sticking up for me." I say with sarcasm in my tone. He rolls his eyes and wraps his arm around my waist, rubbing up and down.

"He was right though. I did do good." He smiled kissing my ear. I roll my eyes and we walk back to my apartment together.

When we got inside he crashed on the couch while I put all the groceries where they're supposed to go. When I bent down to put something in the bottom shelf, I felt Jonathan's bulge in my ass. I giggled. "Jonathan, stop it." We both laugh and he pulls me against him. "You know you have a bonar, right?" I say and laugh.

He turns me around to face him and I giggle when I see his face is red. He puts his lips to mine and sets me on the counter. His hands are inside my shirt and I grab the counter for support. I feel some of the food on the counter and I sigh. "Let me finish putting all this food up, first." I hop off the counter and start putting them in the refrigerator.

"Come on, hurry up." I heard Jonathan whine and I wet slower to piss him off. He grunted, grabbed all the food and shoved it in random places, closing the door. I laugh and grab his shirt pulling him into me for a kiss. He smiles in between the kiss and lifts my shirt over my head. I take his off as well and he lifts me onto the edge of the sink. I gasp and claw at his back so I don't fall in. I heard him let out a small moan and he slipped his hands in my underwear.

I tensed and noticed something to save this from happening. "I forgot to buy bread." Say breathlessly.

He moaned. "Tomorrow." An kept kissing me. I pulled back.

"I'll be back in 30 minutes. No more than that." I said and gave hi a kiss. "No, babe I'm coming with you." He said following me out the door.

We arrived at the store and he turned to me. "Stay out here. I'll be quick."

I nodded and gave him a quick peck on the lips. He smiled and smacked my ass before walking inside. I smiled and stood outside waiting for him.*CRASH BANG* my head whipped up to the alley where I heard the noise. I got up and walked over to where the noise was and saw to really muscular guys were wrestling on the ground. "Hey. Are y'all alright?" I said noticing what a dumbass I was when they ran up to me grabbing my arms.

"What do we have here?" The one with a scar on his forehead. "Wonder if she's worth anything." Said the other one. I started to scream but he pushed his hand over my mouth. "Keep it down! Or I swear I will stab you!" One of them yelled. I shut up but I was shaking and my eyes were blurred wit years. Oh Jonathan please hurry up. Please. I thought in my head. The guy with scar on his forehead undid my shorts and pulled that and my underwear down. I whimpered closing my legs together. He stuck his tongue in it and started eating me out. I screamed for help, but instantly regretted it as the other guy stabbed a knife in my stomach. I was about to scream again but the guy covered my mouth and whispered in my ear. "If you run or scream. I will fucking kill you!" He snapped. I stared balling but kept it quiet because I didn't want to die. They were both eating me out. Then they both whipped out their bulge and stuck them both in me. I started to scream in pain but held it in but biting my lips. I was making soft whimpers and crying for help under my breath. Then one of them turned me around sticking it in my ass while the other thrusters it in my vagina. It hurt so bad. Where the hell is Jonathan? He is probably worried at my apartment noticing I wasn't even home. Then I cried in relief as I heard his voice shouting. I look over at him and break down. I fall to the ground crying as both guys got out of me and started chasing after him.

I was sobbing on the floor and my body hurt so much. I was going to be really sore. I quickly grab for my panties and shorts and put them on. I get up to run after Jonathan who was fighting with the two other guys.

"Get off of him!" I yell and try to pull them off but they turn around punching me, and push me against the wall. I look up to see Jonathan crying and I sob even louder. It's ok Jonathan. Just please help me.... Then everything went black.


I awoke in my bed and sighed. I rolled over to see Jonathan on the other side of me. Starring at me. I smile. "Thank you." And kiss him on the lips quickly. He pulls me in closer so our body's were pressed together. "I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again. Your dumb, sexy self might go into another ally to get-sorry. I shouldn't have said that." He said and kissed my forehead. He rubbed under my eye and I winced. "You have a black eye." He said. His eyes were watery and I smiled at him. "I should have killed them. They raped you and hurt you. I should have killed them. I will kill them if I see their faces again! I don't care if I'm in public!"

I moved away from him and frowned. "Don't talk like that, Jonathan. Your scaring me." He looks over at me and pulls me into a hug. I'm wrap my arms tightly around him and we stay like that for a long time. I then began to see blurriness in my eyelids and then everything goes black. AGAIN.

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