Awken by Truth

I woke up to something unexplained she starred me straight in the face until she realized I was fully awaken,with A British accent softly said,"I am your faithful guardian!"


1. Not Human

As she said that she was my "Guardian" it left me in a bit of confusion but before I could ask why she was my guardian she said,"Before I can tell you anything James you have to know that you are not a normal human."I wonder what she meant by not a normal human was I a wizard or a beast that can't be controlled.My wondering then became confusion when she took out a book out of what look like a bag as she zipped it up I asked,"What do you mean I'm not human!?"She replied,"You are capable of the impossible and if you fall into the wrong hands you can be used for the worst things possible!"This did take me by surprise because I did not know this then she explained in great detail,"Your parents died when you were two from a attack by this team of people called Dead Eye and until you were old enough to know who you really are I kept hidden looking after you now that you know this I can make you a normal human or you come along with me and stop the Dead Eye?!?"

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