Little Secret

Just one little secret could change your whole life. From friends, to family even your whole town! This is a story of a courageous teenage girl, who went through the most traumatic events in her life and to find out that her family has been holding this secret from her. Will she rise to be pack leader or will she slip down with the other shewolves?


1. Jessica Smith


Name: Jessica Smith
Nicknames: Jess, Jessie, JJ, J
Age: 18
Birthday: 25th March
Likes: Smoking, Drugs, adrenaline, breaking the law, tattoos, skateboarding  
Dislikes: Being used, hangovers, people, my last name
Tattoos: A Marijuana leaf (right thigh) I got this tattoo one night when I was completely drunk my "friends" dared me into getting a random tatt so yeah this one has a story. A cross (left hand) I have always wanted a tat like this one. A yin yang symbol (right hand) Just a tat that I liked. A gun (under left arm) I got this tat cause I wanted to show I'm not a girly girl. A wolf head (right hand) Well this tattoo is really special to me. A tribal paw print (left wrist) This is our pack tattoo everyone in my pack has the same tat. 

Looks: I have dark blue eyes, blonde hair, and I am 5 foot 9


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