Life With Vampires( One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi my name is Darcy and I go to sunny brea middle school. I'm a loser and I get bullied a lot their until one day that all changed. I meet this boy named Niall that is a new student at my school and he understands me and he helps me through the school year,but he wanted some thing in return he wanted blood so I said " NO " and ran wtf he was a vampire!!


1. School!!!!!

(Dacrys prov) I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, I turned it off and I got out of bed. I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth. *sigh* another day at school I thought. When I was done I brushed my long brown hair that curls a little at the top of my head, that was so annoying. I went out of the bathroom and I went over to my walk in closet and I decided to wear a blue tank top, white shorts,red convers,and a light green jacket because it was raining out side. I live with my friend Kyla me and her are best friends and she is the only family I have left because my family all died from a car crash, I was the only surviver in the car. I missed my real family very much,but me and Kyla are sisters know because Kyla's mom Danielle took me in, so she is my new mom know. I went down stairs and saw that Kyla wasn't done their so I saw my mom and said " where's Kyla?" And she said " oh she is not feeling good at all so she will not go to school today Darcy " I said " okay tell her I love her and I will miss her. Good bye." And she said " good bye daddy I hope you have a great day " and I headed out the door. I thoiughtin my head i will never have a great day because I will be bullied at school all day. I finally stopped at my bus stop and I waited for the school bus to pick me up,but then I saw the popular kids coming to the bus stop that I was at and Parker gray went up to me and said " oh my gosh Darcy are you really trying to fit in with us " he pointed at him and the other popular kids I said " no I just wanted to wear this " and I probilly shouldn't of said that because he looked really mad and yelled " WELL GUESS WHAT YOU CANT WEAR THAT BECAUSE YOU ARE A LOSER AND WHEN A LOSER WEARS THAT STUFF THEN HE OR SHE THINKS THAT THEY ARE COOL EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NOT !" he yelled in my face. I just froze in front of him because he scared the the crap out if me and then all of the sudden his girlfriend Maddy comes up to me and punches me in the face I fell down and when I got back up she punched me again and I wsaw that blood was coming from my nose. Just then the bus came and I got on first and I read to the rack of the bus and sat their and the bus driver had the music up really loud so I just started to cry all the way to school. Go I hate school I thought in my head . (Later that day ) So school was almost over thank god and I was being bullied at day so I just went into the schools kitchen and got a huge knife and I went to the bathroom and I sat on the floor and I cut a huge line on my wrist and it hurt like hell, but they blood was all warm and it mad a little puddle I was thinking about how me and my little brother played with each other. I smiled and looked down and saw a big puddel of blood now . my white shorts turnd red and my legs were all coverd in blood. Some girl opend the girls bathroom and she looked at me and she smiled and said " well i hpguess you took my edvise about cutting your self " and then she opend the door wide open and
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